Yamana Gold Review

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Yamana Gold is a Canadian mining company. Unlike precious metals dealers, they don't sell gold or silver to individual investors. Instead, they mine and refine precious metals through their many global mining operations.

Yamana Gold is publicly traded on the stock market. If you want to profit from the company, your best bet is to buy shares. But is purchasing shares really the best choice? How does Yamana Gold compare to other mining companies?

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Publicly traded; Peter Marrone as Executive Chairman
  • Rating: 3.0/5

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    About Yamana Gold

    Yamana Gold Review

    Yamana Gold was founded in Canada in 1994. It began to be publicly traded in Toronto in 1995. In 2007, it was added to the New York Stock Exchange, and it began to be traded in London in 2020. That makes it one of the widest-ranging global mining companies in the world.

    Over the past three decades, the company has gone through many periods of mergers and acquisitions. It has developed multiple mining projects and continues to perform well for shareholders.

    According to the company website, there is a highly diversified portfolio of accomplishments. For example, the company produces a large amount of gold and silver through its global mines. But it also owns mines that have long lifespans, with some of the existing mines having five to ten years left in production.

    The company's mines are located all over the globe. In addition to Canada and the US, there are mining operations found in Argentina, Chile, and Brazil.

    There are plans to grow long term by expanding and optimizing the current mining operations. The company intends to develop new mines, explore new potential options, and continue to merge with other mining ventures to move forward.

    According to the website, there is a strong commitment to responsible and transparent operation. All of the company's finances and future plans are a matter of public record. They want to give shareholders sustainable returns and align their business outcomes with good social outcomes.

    Yamana Gold Portfolio

    Yamana Gold Review

    Yamana Gold's portfolio of success combines growth in cash flow with growth in production. The company believes that value can be created through growing.

    Right now, the company operates five mines with long lifespans throughout North and South America. The operators are focused on increasing the opportunities for growth. They want to extend the mine life, increase gold and silver production, increase the overall cash flow, and generate ongoing value for shareholders.

    Current Producing Mines

    Yamana Gold Review

    The El Penon mine is an underground mine that has been known for replacing waning mineral reserves for over two decades. It generates a large amount of cash and has a long lifespan.

    The Jacobina mine is a long life mine underground that has massive opportunities for growth. In fact, thanks to efficiency and further exploration, the mine has managed to become twice as productive since 2014.

    The Canadian Malartic mine has the ability to boast about being the biggest gold mine in the country. It is a massive underground project in an established producing area. As further exploration is done, it's possible that there will be enough minerals to continue producing precious metals for several decades.

    The Minera Florida mine is an established mine that is now transitioning into higher-grade zones after finishing the initial veins. These new projects will create a strong foundation for production to increase in the future. Thanks to the increased space and capacity, the mine lifespan will be extended.

    The Cerro Moro mine is a combination of an open pit and underground mine. Currently, there are teams exploring in the open pit to find new veins and places to expand. This adds to the sustainable production goals and allows for ongoing future growth.

    Corporate Responsibility

    Yamana Gold Review

    There is a section of the website dedicated to corporate responsibility. The wellbeing of people is at the forefront of Yamana's concerns. The company is working to reduce carbon emissions and engage in responsible stewardship of the environment. They also believe in having a two-way beneficial relationship with the communities around their mines.

    According to the website, Yamana cares about meeting and exceeding the objectives for corporate responsibility. The more responsible a company is, the better the overall value will be for the stakeholders in the future.

    ESG Factors

    Yamana Gold Review

    Like many other natural resources companies, Yamana Gold measures their responsibility using ESG. This stands for environment, social impact, and governance. These topics have an impact at every level of the company, from the mining floors themselves to the top corporate offices where decisions are made.

    Yamana has a high level of disclosure with regards to their responsibility. Any issues related to health, safety, and community are handled by the HSEC corporate division. Anything that doesn't fall specifically under that umbrella is everyone's responsibility at once.

    There are multiple website pages that catalogue things like carbon emissions, workplace injuries, and so on. They also track how much they've improved from year to year.

    Zero Goal

    Yamana Gold Review

    Yamana's "zero" goal is an ambitious but admirable responsibility goal. They aim to have absolutely no safety or health incidents, no incidents within the community, and no environmental issues in any of their sites. Any accident or problem is one too many.

    The goal is never to accept any amount of suffering caused by the company. The corporation is always striving to lower the numbers until they reach that coveted zero. There are multiple professionals employed at every level of every operation to help ensure safety and environmental responsibility.

    Another benefit of a zero-incident approach is that it helps Yamana Gold to have a better impact on the host communities. They want to have benefits for the workers and communities centered around the mine. The mining operation gives the local economy a chance for economic growth, but the people need to feel like they are in a partnership with the corporation.


    Yamana Gold Review

    Yamana Gold has written out a list of official commitments that it has. These are some of the principles that the company vows to uphold:

    • They will respect human rights, particularly the rights of indigenous people to their land.
    • They will ensure that no slave or child labor is involved with any operation.
    • They will not add to any economic or political conflicts occurring in an area.
    • They will engage meaningfully and respectfully with the communities around the mining operations.
    • They will look for local workers and maximize the opportunities for local people to run the mining operations.
    • They will operate transparently, without bribery or corruption.
    • They will be accountable at the corporate executive level for all of Yamana's global impacts.
    • They will do ongoing work to understand how their business impacts the world.
    • They will promote health and safety for all workers, plus respect labor rights.
    • They will create an environment of inclusion and promote diversity.
    • They will use water efficiently, particularly in places experiencing drought.
    • They will conserve biodiversity and make sure not to contaminate any of the water sources.

    Is Yamana Gold a Scam?

    Yamana Gold Review

    Yamana Gold is certainly not a scam. In fact, since the company is traded publicly, it is one of the most transparent in the precious metals industry. This mining company has been around since 1994 and has been publicly traded since 1995. It has multiple mining operations throughout the globe.

    The question then is just whether it's a good idea to invest with Yamana Gold. Some people prefer to invest in mining companies instead of buying precious metals because the stocks pay dividends. However, stocks are historically not as stable as precious metals. Yamana Gold's performance depends largely on how it competes with other mining outfits.

    In addition, Yamana Gold's shares are relatively pricey. This is because the company has done a lot of serious growing already. Because it brings in so much in profit and performs so well, the stocks are expensive.

    At the same time, Yamana Gold has more stability than a single mine. Because it has so many different projects worldwide, it is unlikely to be affected by issues plaguing just one or two mines. In addition, you can see the plans that they have for future expansion and projects.

    Pros & Cons of Yamana Gold


    • Stocks pay distributions for ongoing growth.
    • Long company history.
    • Publicly traded with a high level of transparency.


    • Stocks are more expensive than shares of smaller mining companies.
    • Not as much stability as with purchasing pure precious metals.
    • Mining companies have been criticized for how they contribute to the global climate impact.

    Final Thoughts

    Yamana Gold is one of the largest mining companies in the world. It is a legitimate business with legitimate operations. But the question of whether you should invest is a tricky one. It's not easy to analyze the performance of one mining company against the competition.

    Yamana Gold's share prices are high because of several reasons. First, they have reliably pulled in profit and managed their operations with transparency for their shareholders. Second, they are large enough to have some stability against issues with any individual mining project.

    If you're determined to invest in a mining company, Yamana Gold is one of the more long-lived and less risky options. But if you want to invest in precious metals themselves, you'll be better off working with a different company. Yamana Gold doesn't sell gold or silver to individual investors.

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