Vermillion Enterprises Review

Vermillion Enterprises Review

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Have you ever considered investing in silver or gold? Have you had recommendations for different companies where you can trade your gold or silver, but you can hardly find one appealing to your eye? If so, you might want to look closely at Vermillion Enterprises.

Finding the right dealer for your precious metals is not easy. You should ensure that the precious metal company you are considering for your precious metals investment is scrupulous and trustworthy. This ensures that you make the most of your precious metals and get a fair deal when buying or selling your precious metals.

Brian Vermillion, the owner of Vermillion Enterprises, is an NGC-certified coin dealer. He established Vermillion Enterprises in 2007 and has been dealing in precious metals for years.

Does Vermillion Enterprises fulfill all your requirements for a reputable precious metal dealer? Will you get the right value of money for your precious metal if you choose Vermillion Enterprises as your preferred company? Is Vermillion Enterprises the right company for you to trust? Let us enlighten you more about the company.

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Brian Vermillion
  • Rating: 4.9/5

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    About Vermillion Enterprises

    Vermillion Enterprises Review

    Vermillion Enterprises is located in Spring Hill, Florida. It is a remarkable coin dealing company that has served many customers for over 15 years. Vermillion Enterprises has been a go-to place for customers interested in investing in precious metals and other precious metals dealers.

    Vermillion Enterprises has become one of the most reputable dealers in silver and gold. They also have appealing prices for clients who are interested in buying or selling precious metals. This has attracted people from as far as Lake Wales, New Port Richey, Hudson, and New Port Richey.

    The Vermillion Enterprises website is quite convenient for customers who find it difficult to reach their physical shop. This is because you can send or receive your precious metals through the provided company's mail found on their website from the convenience of your hometown.

    To ensure that your order is received and processed at Vermillion Enterprises, you must place it during their working hours. They are open Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 5 PM and Saturdays from 9 AM to 2 PM.

    When buying or selling your precious metals at Vermillion Enterprises, the accepted means of payment include wire transfers, Zelle, and cash. Credit card payments are not accepted.

    Vermillion Enterprises Products and Services

    Vermillion Enterprises Review

    Vermillion Enterprises offers a wide range of services and precious metal products to its clients. These include:


    At Vermillion Enterprises, you can buy or sell any amount of gold or silver. The forms of gold that are accepted at Vermillion Enterprises include gold bullions, IRA-eligible gold, gold coins, and gold jewelry.

    Gold Coins

    Coin dealers at Vermillion Enterprises will sort and separate your coin collection as a first step for coin value determination. The value of your coin is then determined by its mintmark, date, condition, and the value of the precious metal it is made of. The numismatic value of your coin can also be a vital consideration.

    The following are gold coins you can sell or buy at Vermillion Enterprises.

    • American Gold Eagle coins
    • American Gold Buffalo coins
    • Australian Gold Lunar coins
    • Australian Gold Nugget coins
    • Austrian Gold Philharmonic coins
    • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins
    • Chinese Gold Pandas coins
    • South African Gold Krugerrand coins
    Vermillion Enterprises Review


    You may be worried that the amount of silver you have is not valuable because it is too little. Vermillion Enterprises accepts as little as 1 oz of silver at a time. The company is willing to pay top dollar for all the 999 silver rounds or nuggets you have to offer.

    Silver Coins

    Just like gold, silver has a special collection of coins. The following are silver coins that you can sell or buy at Vermillion Enterprises. Some are 40% silver coins, while others are 90% silver.

    • Kennedy Half Dollars
    • Eisenhower Dollars
    • Barber Dimes
    • Mercury Dimes
    • Roosevelt Dimes
    • Standing Liberty Quarters
    • Washington Quarter
    • Walking Liberty Half Dollar

    You can also find the following 999 fine silver coins at Vermillion Enterprises.

    • American Silver Eagle coins
    • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins
    • Australian Silver Kangaroo coins
    • British Silver Britannia coins

    Platinum and Palladium

    Although platinum and palladium are not common commodities at Vermillion Enterprises, the company still offers good prices for these precious metals. The accepted forms of palladium include jewelry and coins. From pure palladium to clad palladium, Vermillion Enterprises will accept it all. The same goes for platinum.

    Vermillion Enterprises Review

    Bullion Bars

    Gold and silver bullions are some of the most precious possessions anyone could own because of their high purity levels. They are mostly available in bars, ingots, and coins.

    Vermillion Enterprises diligently explains the best investment for your money by giving you factual points. When torn between investing in silver or gold bullion, customers are advised to go for gold. This is because gold provides a haven as its value increases during uncertain times.


    Vermillion Enterprises buys all gold, silver, and platinum watches regardless of their brand. Rolex watches and Patek Philippe watches are currently the most priced watches. However, any watch made of precious metals will be priced instantly and turned into cash for you. You can be assured of a great deal.

    Other jewelry items, such as diamond rings and gold necklaces, are also accepted at Vermillion Enterprises. These jewelry items are first measured by weight so as to determine their value correctly. Although most jewelry products are not worth much, they will still earn you a considerable amount of money.

    Pros & Cons of Vermillion Enterprises


    • They have long years of experience in precious metal dealership.
    • They have a wide variety of gold and silver products.
    • They provide reliable shipping that operates seven days a week.
    • They offer great customer care service.
    • They offer appealing prices to their customers.
    • The company is certified by NGC and PMG.
    • Their services are available in many cities in Florida.


    • There are limited services provided to customers in other states.
    • A limited amount of payment options are accepted at Vermillion Enterprises.
    • You must work with their schedule as they are not fully available on weekends.
    • There are few online reviews from customers.

    Why Should you Trust Vermillion Enterprise

    Vermillion Enterprises has fully complied with the required state laws that govern the operations of precious metals dealers in Florida. The company also advises clients appropriately on matters involving storage and insurance to help them keep their precious metals safe.

    Final Verdict

    Vermillion Enterprises is a credible and well-experienced precious metals dealer that has been recognized by GIA. Additionally, the company has been certified as an authorized precious metals dealer by NGC, PMG, and NCS. Vermillion Enterprises is also widely known for its excellent operations and has been in the precious metals industry for 15 years. As a result, Vermillion Enterprises is a good choice for precious metals investments.

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