Universal Gold & Silver Review

Universal Gold & Silver Review

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Universal Gold & Silver has been providing gold and silver bullion to customers in the United States and abroad.Universal's primary goals are providing the most satisfactory customer service, dependable shipping and a full range of products at competitive prices. Universal offers nearly 100 pages of bullion items such as coins, rounds, bars, ingots, and other precious metal products with total purity.

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    Universal Gold & Silver Review

    Bullion Coins

    Universal Gold & Silver offers a large variety of bullion coins for sale. Many of the coins Universal offers are rated three stars out of five and have no tax liability when used for investment purposes. Some of Universal's most popular bullion coins include U.S. Mint-issued coins such as American Buffalo, American Eagle, and America the Beautiful Quarters. They also offer numerous foreign mint-issued bullion coins such as Austrian Vienna Philharmonics, Canadian Maple Leaf, and Swiss Gold Rooster Coins that make excellent alternatives to American Bullion.

    Bar Bullion

    Universal Gold & Silver offers an extensive selection of bullion bars for sale. The bars for sale at Universal are available as cast or minted products. They offer a trendy 10 oz silver bar from Sunshine Minting. They also have a large selection of exclusive mint direct bars that one can only purchase directly from Universal. The most popular bullion bar sold by Universal is their exclusive 10 oz gold bar imprinted with the design of the American Eagle, the official gold bullion coin of the United States and owned by the U.S. Government; the American Eagle gold bullion bar is rated three stars.

    Universal Gold & Silver Review

    Bullion Rounds & Silver Coins

    Universal Gold & Silver has numerous sovereign rounds and bullion coins worldwide, such as Canadian Maple Leaf, Austrian Vienna Philharmonics, German Silber Kugel, Chinese Panda, and others. They offer an impressive selection of silver rounds for sale, including their popular 1 oz Sterlings American Eagle 999 fine silver round. This unique round is minted by the U.S. Mint in a limited quantity and is highly sought after by collectors and investors alike. It is rated three stars and owned by the U.S. government.

    Ingot Bullion

    Universal Gold & Silver offers an extensive selection of ingot bullion products for sale, including silver, gold, and platinum bars available to be purchased directly from Universal or through their subsidiary company Advance Precious Metals. The most popular choice in Universal's line of ingot bullion is the exclusive "10-ounce" investment grade platinum bar that one can use to store value while also providing an opportunity to diversify one's portfolio with a known precious metal.

    Numismatic Coins

    It is owned by its parent company, Universal Coin & Bullion, which is a gold and silver bullion dealer based in New York City. They have numerous one-of-a-kind original designs from ancient times to modern. Their extensive line of numismatic gold and silver coins are proof versions of the American Buffalo, American Eagle, Liberty Head Nickel, Mercury Dime, Roosevelt Dime, Walking Liberty Half Dollar, and many others. They also offer other numismatic gold and silver coins such as rare Victorian Proof Coins, Morgan Dollars, Sacagawea Dollars, and many more. Out of five stars, it is rated three stars and has an excellent reputation.

    Pros & Cons of Universal Gold & Silver


    • No taxes: Universal Gold & Silver is a retailer and not a government agency. There are no taxes on the bullion products purchased from Universal.
    • No shipping fees: Buyers can purchase their bullion products from Universal with no shipping costs, but the product must be shipped to a U.S. address.
    • One of the best prices in bullion markets: The prices for gold, silver, and platinum bars and coins at Universal are some of the lowest priced in the industry through all available means, including mail orders, phone orders, and online purchases.
    • Efficient inventory: Universal has over 5,000 products in its inventory to make it easier for customers to navigate their website.
    • Professional staff: Staff is always willing to answer any questions and help customers with any problems they may have while purchasing bullion.
    • Reliable Methods of Accepting Payments: Universal accepts all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, as forms of payment. They provide a secure online payment system for those who prefer not to use credit or debit cards.
    • Returns policy: Universal offers a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee for all their products. It is the most generous return policy in the industry.
    • Delivery to Worldwide locations: Universal ships worldwide and offers free shipping on orders totaling $250 or more to U.S. locations.
    • Free bullion cards: Universal Gold & Silver offers a free Bullion Card with 1 gram of silver and 1.5 grams of gold. The bullion cards are at wholesale prices, and the cards are exchangeable for other precious metal bullion products, including bars, rounds, ingots, and coins.
    • Live bullion prices: Universal Gold & Silver provides a live link to Kitco Bullion and offers the most accurate live bullion prices.
    • Huge selection of silver bars and coins: Universal has an enormous inventory of silver bar and coin products for sale, including 5000+ products with many items in stock for immediate delivery. They also offer private mint direct bars and coins exclusively to their customers.
    • Awesome company promotions: Besides the best overall prices in the industry, Universal offers numerous special promotions with discounted gold, silver, platinum bars, and coins from time to time.
    • Consistently excellent service: Universal Gold & Silver staff is always friendly and eager to help you with any questions or problems you may have.
    • Quick and easy orders: Universal's website is very user-friendly, and it takes only a few minutes to place an order from them. They also offer toll-free phone service for those customers who prefer placing orders by phone. Universal offers the quickest delivery time in the industry, with all orders shipped out within one business day of their receipt of payment and approval of your order.
    • Multi-lingual support staff available: If you prefer to communicate in languages other than English, the staff at Universal is willing to communicate with you in Spanish, Chinese, or French.


    • Limited shipping options: The free shipping on orders of $250 or more to U.S. locations is an excellent service that Universal offers, but they only ship to 500 US locations in total as opposed to all U.S. locations.
    • Price is dependent upon the seller: Since Universal is a company, they have no control over the market values of bullion products. The market sets the prices based on supply and demand.
    • Complicated website: The website at Universal Gold & Silver is very complicated, with many hidden fees for shipping and tax that aren't clear to new customers.
    • Prices are not always accurate: Universal Gold & Silver uses mass pricing, which means the price might be higher or lower than expected because it doesn't account for any deals from other retailers, large quantities, or special discounts available at times from Universal, dealers, or manufacturers.
    • Customer service takes a long to respond: Customers have complained about waiting up to a month for any refund or response from Universal's customer service.
    • No insurance on purchases: Buyers cannot purchase insurance or a tracking number when sending payments via mail.
    • Online purchases can be complicated: The website at Universal is pretty challenging to use, and new customers have reported having difficulty with their online orders.
    • Not open on weekends: Universal Gold & Silver does not have any weekend hours, which makes it difficult for customers who work during the weekdays and don't have access to mail on the weekends.
    • Customer orders may have mistakes: Customers have reported receiving orders of bullion products that they didn't order.
    • No phone support: There is no way to call Universal to ask any questions regarding their website, products, or customer service.

    Final Verdict

    Universal Gold & Silver is a great supplier of gold and silver bullion products. However, there are many problems with the company and its practices and a few issues that customers may have trouble with. Overall, the company does provide some of the best prices in the gold, silver, and platinum industries for American and international customers.

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