SWP Cayman Review

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There are different investment opportunities that you can venture into, including precious metals. You must deal with a reputable company if you’ve considered investing in precious metals.

Here, we’ll focus on SWP Cayman, a firm that deals with precious metals. We’ll look into what they have to offer. Our detailed review below will ensure you can make an informed decision on whether to work with SWP Cayman or not.

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Mark Yaxley (co-founder)
  • Rating: 4.1/5

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    About SWP Cayman?

    SWP Cayman Review

    SWP Cayman is the abbreviation for Strategic Wealth Preservation. The firm deals with precious metals, and its headquarters is in the Cayman Islands. If you’re looking for a company that offers secure storage services with Class III IL-rated vaults, SWP Cayman is at your service. If you reside in Canada, there is a high likelihood that you may have come across the sales representatives of SWP Cayman.

    The staff members at SWP Cayman have been trained to:

    • Securely store precious metals
    • Manage acquisitions
    • Liquidate precious metals for firms, individuals, wealth management professionals, and trusts.

    SWP Cayman usually delivers precious metals to businesses and clients residing in North America. The firm also has secure vaults located in the following regions:

    • Canada
    • Cayman Islands
    • The U.S.
    • The U.K.
    • Germany
    • New Zealand
    • Singapore

    The company has gained a positive reputation for offering offshore storage services.

    Services Offered by the Firm

    SWP Cayman Review

    SWP Cayman operates internationally and strives to ensure they have met the expectations of each client both locally and globally. As a potential client of SWP Cayman, the services offered by the company include:

    Bullion Acquisition

    After reaching out to SWP Cayman, you’ll get the assistance you need when purchasing bullion products from well-established mints and refineries. You can buy silver, gold, platinum, or palladium bullion. The products can be delivered to your residence or any preferred pickup point.

    Some people may be skeptical about storing precious metals at home. Fortunately, SWP Cayman offers secure storage services.

    Secure Storage

    SWP Cayman has established a strong presence in the precious metals industry as a trusted firm with secure storage services. Clients with precious metals and other valuable assets gain significantly from the 100% insured, segregated, and allocated storage services.

    SWP Accounts

    If you want to gain access to the global precious metals network by SWP Cayman, you can open an account with the company. If you already have an account, you can purchase precious metals, store your assets in any of the storage locations owned by the firm, or request a delivery.

    How SWP Cayman Works

    SWP Cayman Review

    After going through the services offered by SWP Cayman, you may be interested in joining SWP Cayman as a client. For the interested parties, some of the steps you should follow include:

    Open an Account

    You will start by filling out an application form present on the company’s website. First, you’ll click the ‘open account’ button, and it is present on the homepage. You’ll then receive instructions on how you should complete the form. If you encounter any difficulties, you should contact customer support, who will provide the assistance you need.

    SWP Cayman offers different accounts, and they include:

    • Business
    • Joint/Individual
    • Trust

    Acquire the Precious Metals You Prefer

    Regardless of the type of account you have chosen, you’ll get some assistance when acquiring precious metals to achieve your objectives. SWP Cayman can also help you sell precious metals at competitive prices.

    The Precious Metals Can Be Delivered or Stored In a Secure Facility

    After purchasing precious metals, they can be delivered to your preferred destination. Alternatively, the precious metals can be stored by SWP Cayman at a secure location with secure vaults.

    Custodian and Storage

    SWP Cayman Review

    As a client, if you opt to participate in the Secure Segregated Storage, you will obtain a clear plastic tote that is individually tagged; this is where all the deposited metals usually go after they’re sealed securely with a bag that is tamper evident.

    The tote and sealed bag are usually mated together before the tote bag is sealed within a shelf that is elevated within the vault. The vault is secure such that it is used to secure some of the world’s most precious metals.

    If you want to inspect your precious metals holdings, you should issue a notice 24 hours in advance. You can contact SWP Cayman via a phone call or email to request the physical withdrawal or visual inspection of your assets.

    You can go ahead and pick up the precious metals personally, and it should be within the normal business hours, or you can opt for delivery services by SWP Cayman. The precious metals can be delivered to your home address, and the shipment is insured with a comprehensive insurance policy. If you need a copy of the insurance policy, SWP Cayman staff will produce it on request.

    Fees for Products and Services Offered by SWP Cayman

    SWP Cayman usually buys back all the precious metals it has sold to clients or from other bullion dealers that usually operate out of the secured vault owned by the firm. As a result, the company ensures a rise in the two-way, highly liquid market.

    They offer settlement from all the sales within 48 to 72 hours, and all the sales proceeds will be from the dealer to the client (owner selling the precious metals).

    Does SWP Offer IRA Services?

    SWP Cayman Review

    No, the firm doesn’t offer IRA Services. However, they usually hold precious metals that are owned by clients in the IRA accounts that are self-directed. SWP has also established a strategic partnership with the Preferred Trust Company; this firm serves American clientele interested in purchasing and storing precious metals through the self-directed IRA arrangement.

    As a client, if your precious metals are held in the vaults owned by SWP Cayman, you’ll always have peace of mind while waiting for the silver, gold, palladium, or platinum to appreciate with time.

    The appreciation in value can take years; nonetheless, there is no need to worry since the vaults by SWP Cayman are highly secure. Also, you’ll gain significantly from the offshore jurisdiction of SWP Cayman in the Western Hemisphere.

    Ensure you know the exact fees charged by SWP Cayman before you go ahead to sign anything. Many people were surprised by hidden fees, yet they had no idea.

    We’re not referring to SWP Cayman in this case; we’re just highlighting an issue many people don’t know about. In the precious metals sector, you must ensure that you work with a company that values transparency.

    Can You Open an Offshore Account with SPA Cayman?

    SWP Cayman Review

    For those interested in opening an account with SPA Cayman, the steps you should follow include:

    Open an IRA Account and Fund It

    You should open an IRA account that is self-directed if you want to become a partner with SPA Cayman. You will then transfer funds into your account. The account needs to be funded before you go ahead and start to acquire precious metals.

    If you already have an IRA account and another custodian has administered it, you can transfer funds to SPA Cayman.

    Elect SWP Cayman as Your Preferred Depository and Dealer

    SWP Cayman is a precious metal dealer that is fully integrated, and the firm has been approved to handle offshore depository services. You can elect SWP Cayman as your preferred depository and dealer by completing a Buy Direction Letter that the Preferred Trust Company has provided.

    Which Payment Methods Are Accepted by SWP Cayman?

    Currently, SWP Cayman usually accepts payments made by clients through the following payment methods:

    • ACH
    • Bank Wire
    • Cryptocurrency (Ethereum and Bitcoin via Bitpay)

    About Cryptocurrencies

    SWP Cayman Review

    The financial services sector in the Cayman Islands is in a better position to support the new decentralized economic model. The government in the Cayman Islands is also striving to analyze and come up with measures that will allow blockchain to thrive.

    A framework has been put in place to regulate the digital assets. The main focus is on ensuring the risks that are associated with digital assets are mitigated. The benefits associated with digital assets will be consistent with the financial services that are well-regulated.

    The new technology has a lot of potential and it can disrupt the global economic model currently in use since it offers an efficient flow of assets across different borders.

    If you already have a bank account in the Cayman Islands, you can use Bill Payment to pay for precious metals (the invoices are in USD).

    Are There Minimums for Storage at SWP Cayman?

    There are no minimums for storage when dealing with SWP Cayman. The secure storage accounts, however, charge a $50 quarterly storage fee (the minimum storage fee), which is applied once you have funded your SWP Cayman account.

    Can Individuals Sell Precious Metals to SWP Cayman?

    Yes, the firm can acquire precious metals from individuals. Customers are usually promised competitive rates for each sale, and payment is remitted within 48 to 72 hours. The payment can be remitted through a check or bank wire transfer. The support staff will go ahead and arrange for the shipment to the client’s preferred location. The primary carriers used by SWP Cayman are UPS and FedEx.

    Pros & Cons of SWP Cayman


    • It is easy to resell purchased metals to SWP Cayman.
    • The firm is based in one of the largest offshore financial markets globally.
    • The vaults are convenient, and it is close to North Americans.
    • The Cayman Islands storage is one of the safest jurisdictions for valuables storage.


    • There is only one jurisdiction choice for offshore vault precious metals.
    • The sliding scale storage fees may get expensive.

    Final Verdict

    SWP Cayman is a genuine firm dealing in precious metals, and they offer secure storage services to firms, individuals, and trusts. The firm has been attracting many clients for various reasons, including the fact that the company is based in the Cayman Islands, where the investment laws are friendly.

    The company also accepts cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The main reason why some clients prefer the use of Bitcoin is because of security reasons. For instance, the financial details of each client cannot be disclosed.

    SWP Cayman works with reputable firms such as UPS and FedEx regarding delivery services. Considering different options in the precious metals market, why not choose SWP Cayman. Our detailed review will help you decide whether SWP Cayman is an excellent company to work with when investing in precious metals.

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