Schiff Gold Review

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Schiff Gold is gold jewelry manufactured using a patented process to infuse it with 24k gold, giving you the most reputable jewelry you could ever own. I own a set of earrings and bought them in October 2015, and they are still working perfectly. This brand has been around since 1876 and continues to be praised for its durability, functionality, and style.

Higher-end brokerages might be big on glitz, but many of their drawbacks show that they're more in it for themselves than for their customers. Schiff Gold is a notable exception, with its buyback guarantee, customer service experience and expertise, and low prices, among other things.

According to the brokerage's research, Schiff Gold is the most customer-friendly options broker on the market. In its annual Best Brokerages survey, it was ranked No. 2 in price, No. 3 in customer service, and No. 5 in offerings and execution quality — meaning it had a higher percentage of shares bought and sold at a fair price or better than its peers.

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    About Schiff Gold

    Schiff Gold Review

    Schiff Gold has been offering this guarantee since 2016, and the company is only getting better. It's a move that makes sense for the company, which is adding 200 customers each day, according to CEO Charles Goetz. It's also suitable for its customers, who get peace of mind on their investments.

    The broker has been around since 2011 but only offered securities trading until 2016. Now it has added a precious metals trading option as well. It applies the same model to buy back shares if clients don't like their price or the broker makes an error.

    Schiff Gold is a gold, silver, and other precious metals brokerage. The company's buyback guarantee is on a 24/7 basis, and it lasts for 30 days from when you open an account.

    That means if you trade with Schiff during those 30 days, you should be able to get your money back within the same period if you feel like switching to another broker or having another issue with them. You will also be able to get a statement of account within a week of your last business day, and you'll be able to send it to Schiff in case you still want to appeal your conditions.

    There are many benefits the broker can offer, so if you're leaving on a journey that's going to last longer than 30 days, let's say that it lasts for five years, then, by all means, go for other brokers.

    However, you should remember that if you close your account before the 30-day buyback guarantee period, you will not be able to appeal for a statement of account or a buyback. That's one of the reasons why it's recommended that you try it out before making your mind up.


    Schiff Gold Review

    Schiff Gold's founder, Michael J. Spencer, is one of the world's best. Being so highly respected by his peers and clients, he holds AMP Global Elite status, among many others.

    As an expert trader and former investment banker, Mr. Spencer knows how the financial world works and how to break those walls down for its members. He also advises GoldMoney, which is an online exchange for gold.


    Schiff Gold has a 4.4/5 star rating from independent review sites. This was achieved through legitimate ratings of over 75% from clients and users, who should not be taken at face value as with any other reviews.

    It is essential to see whether or not these ratings were achieved by genuine clients and users or by "advertiser-paid" users.
    Either way, you can trust the services offered by this broker with your capital and funds. The company has also been featured in many news sources and journals.

    Refund Policy

    Schiff gold only takes your money when you make a transfer. Their fees are between $0 to $250, depending on your account type and the timescale of your deposit.

    On top of that, their buyback guarantee is among the best in the industry. However, it should be noted that some of the broker's clients had to wait for months to recoup their money, though this was due to a non-customer error.

    Video Review

    Schiff Gold's video review gives an overview of their services and directions on how to get the most out of them. It also summarizes many things, like daily trading volume, minimum deposit size, and average spreads.


    SchiffGold is glad to serve you, and they're ready to listen to your concerns. They want everyone who joins their company to be happy with their services.

    If you've read this far, you may be interested in joining the company. Be sure to check out the following links so that you know what exactly is available from this brokerage:


    Schiff Gold has a couple of shipping options. The first is an online tracker with its shipping price, but it will be higher than the others.

    The second option is to pick up your gold in person in Dallas, Texas. That's where the company is located. But if you feel like waiting a bit longer, they deliver worldwide. However, "typically," the company sends your order within 1-3 business days after processing and verifying your deposit.


    Schiff Gold Review

    Schiff Gold offers the most resources that other brokerages would have. However, the broker allows you to work out your spread and commissions. You can also find info on how many buybacks they offer, which is hard to find elsewhere.


    Many financial industry experts have recognized Schiff Gold. Charles Goetz is one of them. He's the company's CEO and has been featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and many more.

    The company has won many awards and has been on a steady growth trajectory, which is a good sign for you.


    While we're on the topic of awards, Schiff Gold also has a lot of holders. Many customers have made it their permanent home in precious metals trading and do not regret their choice.

    Reviews - One

    Plenty of reviews indicate the same thing: good choice, excellent service, and professionalism. Another common trait is that customers have been willing to give back to the broker to keep their reputation, which is a good sign.

    Schiff Gold's refund policy has a 30-day buyback guarantee for clients with issues with them.

    Reviews - Two

    SchiffGold is one of the few brokerages that offer a buyback guarantee on their shares. This is a 2-in-1 deal as it gives peace of mind to those who trade with them and helps them earn the trust of future customers.

    Customer Support

    You'll be able to speak with an agent over the phone or through a live chat service at any time of the day. The agents are very knowledgeable and offer good customer service in both cases.

    Account Types

    Schiff Gold has two account types: retail and institutional. The difference between the two is that if you have more than $5 million in assets as an institution, you'll be able to trade on margin.

    The retail account option is for people making their first-time deposit and having a conservative account type. This includes a $5,000 minimum deposit and no expiration date. There's also no guarantee to get your money back if it's not within 30 days. However, you'll still be able to get an account statement within a week.

    Institutional Accounts

    A Schiff Gold institutional account is for people who want to trade on margin and want over $5 million in assets (and it can be your spouse's, family member's, and so on).

    With this option, the account minimum is $50,000 or the total value of your investment. The company will also give you a 3-year policy and the ability to deposit and withdraw funds any time of day.


    Schiff Gold offers both daily and monthly payment options. The minimum amount charged is $20, though you can choose your payment frequency. Like any other brokerage, they also have a variety of payment terms to choose from.

    Purchase Limits

    A customer can deposit up to 500 ounces per month with a security wrap.


    Schiff Gold does not have any competitors in the US. Their main competitor is UBS, which offers higher commissions and buybacks. However, it does not have deposit insurance, which Schiff does offer.

    Customer Ratings

    Client reviews for this broker vary greatly and can be either positive or negative, but the company has been consistent with its ratings over the years. Many people who opened accounts in previous years had positive experiences with this broker.


    Schiff Gold is an exciting choice for people who are looking for a US-based precious metals broker. The main things to love about them are the buyback guarantee and their simple interface, which makes trading and depositing easy.

    They currently offer one of the friendliest services on the market, but we can not say the same about their services in previous years. The company offers many payment options and allows you to save money when buying gold.

    Users Rating

    Schiff Gold Review

    The user ratings for this broker are mainly positive. The broker is highly recommended by users, especially those experienced with other brokers. On the other hand, newbie traders have been known to have a hard time getting along with some of the quirks of this firm.


    CNBC gives Schiff Gold 4 out of 5 stars in their rating. This is based on the company's gold buying model and worldwide reputation as a brokerage firm.


    CNBC is not the only one to give this broker a good review. Most reviews (aside from negative ones) come from users who have been using the services for years and have experienced many changes.

    Positive Rating

    The customers who rated Schiff Gold positively say that this broker is great for beginners and casual traders. Also, it offers better prices than other brokers you might find online.


    Many of the ones who gave this broker a positive rating were entrepreneurs. They say that Schiff Gold is suitable for serious traders but might not be a good fit for those new to the game and who want to get their feet wet.

    Average Rating

    The average rating for Schiff Gold is 4 out of 5 stars, ranking it second among all gold-buying companies in the US. You can also trust their ratings because many reviews are from actual clients and users.

    Customer Support

    This broker does not have an official website for customer support, but the company operates through email. However, you can see that you're getting help from a natural person. The company's customer service representatives are beneficial and knowledgeable about their service.


    You can earn bonuses through Schiff Gold by depositing more than $5,000 as a new customer and making your first deposit within 90 days of opening your account. There are also other bonuses depending on the first deposit.

    Institutional Accounts

    If you're willing to open an institutional account, you'll be able to get it at a lower rate compared to the retail option. While all other products offered by the brokerage are the same, there is a $50,000 minimum deposit and a 2% commission as opposed to 1% for clients who are opening an account with no more than $5,000 in assets.


    Schiff Gold is a little expensive compared to other gold companies in the US.

    The company's Annual Fund Fee is 0.36%. That's comparable to all other brokers but a little on the high side.

    There are no membership fees to worry about, but the annual fund manager fee will be around $1,750 for individuals and $3,500 for institutions.

    Average Spread

    The spread is the difference in price between what you've bought and what you paid for it. The average spread for this broker is 1.20%, which is pretty low compared to other brokers in the US.

    The company's 1% fee goes toward buying back clients' gold that they want to sell. So when you're selling gold, you'll get 1% of what you sell back to them.

    Pros & Cons of Schiff Gold


    • Schiff Gold offers excellent pricing on gold bullion bars, coins, and rounds. They also have a rebate program that gives customers 1% of the gold they sell to the company.
    • Their fees are low for the amount of financial power they have.
    • The company offers gold, silver, and platinum coins.


    • It has no physical office, and its staff is in Texas. It can be challenging for newbies to trade with this broker.
    • Schiff Gold's online trading platform is a little outdated and hard to use.
    • Institutions can only use the company's margin accounts.


    For those who want access to the best gold buying prices, I recommend using Schiff Gold as your broker. The company offers low commissions and high buyback rates, so it's worth considering.


    If you're looking for a place to buy and sell gold that can replace any other broker for your needs, then Schiff Gold is the right option. They offer various services and gold-buying options, including buybacks, cash, or life insurance.

    The only con we found with this company is that it does not offer margin trading.

    The company's minimum deposit is also pretty high, at only $5,000. This is comparable to everything else in the gold industry, mind you. However, it can still be considered a con when it comes to some people who are new to trading.

    It's an easy company to work with and has a good reputation.

    With all of its branches across the US, you can rest assured that this gold-buying company is stable and well-respected. It has a good reputation in the industry and excellent customer service.

    The company's pricing is also one of the lowest around when it comes to gold bars, coins, and rounds. However, there are only a few options to buy your metals with them. They're one of the only companies that offer buybacks for life insurance policies. They offer an excellent customer service team as well.

    However, the company does not offer margin accounts, a con for some beginner traders. This broker is pretty new in the gold industry. However, it can compete with anyone on pricing and services. It's an online broker that allows you to buy gold bars and coins online and sell your own metals back to them at whatever price they decide on.

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