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Did you come across an ad for Regal Assets? Or, perhaps you heard about them from a friend or family member. Either way, you may be wondering whether all the things you heard are accurate and whether Regal Assets is the right company for you to work with. 

We understand; it can be challenging to make such a big decision. With so many precious metals investment companies out there, and with each of them claiming to be the best choice, knowing what to believe is difficult. That's why we decided to put their review for Regal Assets together—we want to share all the facts you'll need to make an informed decision for yourself regarding whether Regal Assets is the right company for you. 

  • Products: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Tyler Gallagher
  • Rating: 4.8/5

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    About Regal Assets

    Regal Assets Review

    Regal Assets is a precious metals provider that was founded by Tyler Gallagher in 2009. Following the founding of the company, Regal Assets solidified a very solid reputation in the industry. While other precious metals companies may try to give you the hard sell and talk you into making investment decisions that you aren't fully comfortable with, Regal Assets does not believe in using pushy sales techniques. 

    The company believes in transparency and works to be upfront regarding pricing, fees, and commissions to avoid any confusion or surprises.

    In the over a decade since Regal Assets was founded, they have earned a lot of recognition in the industry. From being featured by Smart Money, Forbes, Bloomberg, and the Huffington Post to be ranked as #20 in the financial services category on the INC 500

    Why Work With Regal Assets to Invest in Precious Metals

    Regal Assets Review

    Investing in precious metals is seen as a smart financial move by many experts. Some of the many benefits associated with investing some of your money in precious metals include: 

    • Diversifying your portfolio and protecting yourself against the ups and downs of the stock market.
    • Gold and other precious metals have historically shown to be good investments. These high-valued assets are coveted across the globe and many think they will continue to increase in value.
    • More and more uses are being discovered for precious metals—such as using silver for different technological discoveries—which makes it even more reasonable to believe that their value will continue to increase.
    • Precious metals are relatively easy to liquidate, allowing you to get cash for your investment when you need it.

    Precious Metals IRA

    Regal Assets Review

    One of the services that Regal Assets offers is to help their customers open a Precious Metals IRA. Also commonly called a Gold IRA, this type of account allows individuals to hold gold, silver, and other types of precious metals in an IRA. Not only will a Gold IRA allow you to diversify your portfolio, hedge against inflation, and enjoy all the other benefits shared above, but with one you will also be able to invest while taking advantage of the tax benefits offered to IRA holders by the IRS. 

    If you already have a retirement account, it could be eligible for a Gold IRA rollover. The rollover process involves moving the funds from your existing account—without any fees or penalties—and using them to buy precious metals for your new account. If your account is eligible for a rollover, the team at Regal Assets will work with you and an IRA custodian to make sure all the funds are smoothly transferred to your new account.

    Fortunately, many existing retirement accounts will be eligible for a rollover, allowing more individuals to take advantage of this opportunity. Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, TSPs, and SEP IRAs are some of the account types that may qualify for a rollover. You can discuss whether your specific account is eligible with an account representative from Regal Assets. They can also share more about the process and necessary paperwork to complete a rollover. 

    Approved Precious Metals for IRAs

    Regal Assets Review

    The best part of opening a Precious Metals IRA is selecting the coins and bars you'd like to hold in your account. Even better—when you work with Regal Assets, you can add platinum or palladium pieces to your account, rather than just gold and silver. IRS regulations limit the precious metals that one can hold in a retirement account, however. Coins and bars must meet a minimum purity level, which varies based on the type of precious metal. 

    Below are the different purity requirement for each type of precious metal:

    • Gold: 99.5% pure (with the exception of the Gold American Eagle Coin)
    • Silver: 99.9% pure
    • Platinum: 99.95% pure
    • Palladium: 99.95% pure

    Even with these stringent requirements, you'll still find that Regal Assets offers a wide selection of IRA-approved gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars for their investors to choose from. These coins and bars include:


    • Gold American Eagle Coin
    • Gold American Buffalo Coin
    • Gold Austrian Philharmonic Coin
    • Gold Britannia Coin
    • Gold Chinese Panda Coin
    • Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin
    • 1-kilo Gold Bar
    • 10-ounce Gold Bar
    • 1-ounce Gold Bar
    • 50 gm Gold Bar
    • 20 gm Gold Bar
    • 10 gm Gold Bar
    • 5 gm Gold Bar
    • 2.5 gm Gold Bar
    • 1 gm Gold Bar


    • Silver American Eagle Coin
    • Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coin
    • Silver Austrian Philharmonic Coin
    • Silver Britannia Coin
    • Silver Australian Kookaburra Coin
    • Silver Australian Koala Coin
    • 100-ounce Silver Bar
    • 10-ounce Silver Bar


    • Platinum American Eagle Coin
    • Platinum Australian Koala Coin
    • Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf Coin


    • Palladium Canadian Maple Leaf Coin
    • 10-ounce Palladium Bar
    • 1-ounce Palladium Bar

    Regal IRAs

    Regal Assets Review

    While many precious metals providers can help their clients set up a Precious Metals IRA, a special Regal IRA is one thing that really makes Regal Assets stand out against the rest. With a Regal IRA, you can add precious metals and cryptocurrencies to the same account.  

    This is an amazing opportunity for those who may be interested in seeing how cryptocurrencies continue to perform over the next several years before their retirement. It can also be a good opportunity for those that still want to hold physical precious metals in their retirement account and supplement it a bit with some cryptocurrencies. 

    If you think you'd like to open a Regal IRA, the process will be quite similar to that of setting up a Gold IRA. A member of Regal Assets' team will be able to help you through each step of the process, including completing paperwork, initiating the transfer of funds from an existing account, and deciding which coins, bars, and cryptocurrencies you'd like to hold in your account. 

    If you're at all familiar with cryptocurrencies, you know that there are several different options out there. Regal Assets offers a large selection of these various choices for their customers. Some of the different cryptos that you can add to your new Regal IRA include: 

    • Bitcoin
    • Bitcoin Cash
    • Litecoin
    • Ethereum
    • Stellar
    • ChainLink
    • Dogecoin
    • Zcash
    • Tezos
    • EOS
    • XRP
    • Maker

    Regal Asset's Recommended Packages

    Regal Assets Review

    With Regal Assets, you can also purchase precious metals or cryptocurrencies as a personal investment. Adding precious metals and cryptocurrencies to a retirement account certainly has its benefits, but there are also benefits of having some precious metals or cryptocurrencies on hand. They can provide you with greater financial security and give you fast access to cash for an emergency. Additionally, you can save up for important life events, such as weddings or sending your children to college, when you hold these assets as a personal investment. 

    Furthermore, with the contribution limits for IRAs, you may not be able to invest as much of your money each year into alternative assets to achieve the right balance in your portfolio to protect you against stock market volatility. 

    Regal Assets understands that many individuals may not know where to start when it comes to investing in precious metals or cryptocurrencies. That's why they have developed different recommended packages that include pre-selected coins, bars, and cryptocurrencies to help their clients get started on their investment journey. 

    These recommended packages are broken down into two categories: Protection and Security and Investment and Retirement. The different package options include: 

    Protection and Security

    These packages are designed to help those who want to have a safety net in place to help with emergencies or unanticipated needs that arise. 

    Merchant Package

    • $5,000 investment.
    • Package includes a mix of gold and silver, which are easy to liquidate to give users fast access to cash when needed.

    Knighthood Package

    • $10,000 investment.
    • Designed to help individuals be prepared to care for their family in the event of an emergency.
    • Packages includes a mix of gold and silver to provide a reserve for up to 3 months.

    Investment and Retirement

    The following portfolio packages are designed to help clients grow their wealth and increase the amount of precious metals and cryptocurrencies in each individual's portfolio.

    Legacy Portfolio 

    • $25,000 investment.
    • Mix of cryptocurrencies and precious metals.
    • Mix includes different types of metals and cryptos to offer the greatest return potential.
    • Designed to help those just beginning their investment journey in precious metals and cryptocurrencies.

    Kingship Portfolio

    • $50,000 investment.
    • Designed to help further diversify your portfolio with precious metals and cryptocurrencies.
    • Each package is custom-tailored to each individual to offer protection from inflation and help them achieve short-term gains.

    Dynasty Portfolio

    • $100,000 investment.
    • Designed to offer additional support for retirement plans.
    • Each package is custom-tailored to offer protection against inflation, high returns, and stability.
    • The mix of precious metals and cryptocurrencies will be customized based on your retirement timeline and risk level.

    Coronation Portfolio

    • $250,000 investment.
    • Suited for those with a high net worth who want to build their wealth more over the long term.
    • Each package is custom-tailored based on the short- and long-term needs and goals of each client.

    Secure Storage

    Regal Assets Review

    When you open a Gold IRA or a Regal IRA, the IRS requires that your precious metals be held in an approved facility. All of these approved depositories are highly secure to keep your precious metals investment safe until you're ready to retire and take access of your precious metals or liquidate them for cash. Full-coverage insurance policies offer extra protection for your investment.

    When you purchase precious metals for a personal investment, there are no requirements in place regarding where your metals can be stored. However, while you could have your precious metals shipped to you to store in a safe at your home or at a bank vault, there may be better and safer options. 

    Regal Assets offers a few different segregated storage options for their customers. When you choose one of these options, you can feel confident knowing that your precious metals are secure and protected by a full insurance policy. 

    Choosing segregated storage means that your precious metals are stored separately from those of others. This means they won't be co-mingled and possibly mixed up. Each storage unit is also regularly audited to verify that the metals that are supposed to be there are actually present and accounted for. 

    When you choose to store your precious metals with Regal Assets, you'll also periodically receive a certificate documenting what is in your account. This will provide additional peace of mind knowing that all of your precious meals are ready and waiting for you. 

    Should you decide that you want to take possession of some or all of your precious metals that are in the storage facilities, all it will take is an online request or a secure phone call, and your metals will be shipped to you. 

    Another option you'll have is to sell your precious metals directly from the storage facility and to have the funds sent directly to you. 

    Regal Assets storage customers are just charged a flat storage fee each year. Unlike some other storage options where you may pay a percentage of your holdings, this choice can help save you money if you have a lot of precious metals to store. 

    Request a Free Investors' Kit

    Regal Assets Review

    Do you think you want to learn more about investing in precious metals or opening a special Regal IRA? If so, just visit Regal Assets' website and complete their online form to request a free Investors' Kit. This exclusive kit offers helpful information about the company, the products and services they offer, and the fees they charge. When you request a kit, Regal Assets will also send you informative DVDs and a 10-year silver anniversary coin.


    • Regal Assets has been in business since 2009.
    • The company was founded by Tyler Gallagher.
    • Regal Assets customers can invest in platinum and palladium in addition to gold and silver.
    • Regal Assets can help you set up a Gold IRA to diversify your portfolio and protect you against stock market volatility.
    • They also offer special Regal IRAs that allow you to hold precious metals and cryptocurrencies in the same account for further diversification.
    • Regal Assets has put together a few different investment package options to help their customers choose the right mix of precious metals and cryptocurrencies.
    • The investment packages are available to support a wide range of budgets with prices starting at just $5,000 and going all the way up to $250,000.
    • Regal Assets can help you arrange for secure storage for the precious metals purchased for a personal investment or those added to an IRA.
    • You can request a free investors' kit to learn more about the opportunities that Regal Assets has to offer.

    Pros & Cons of Regal Assets


    • Setting up a Regal IRA allows you to hold precious metals and cryptocurrencies in the same retirement account.
    • Regal Assets offers platinum and palladium, rather than just gold and silver, for their investors.
    • The various investment packages are available to suit a range of budgets and can provide you with a mix of precious metals and cryptocurrencies to help secure your financial future.


    • Regal Assets only has a B+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

    Final Verdict

    Now that you've had a chance to learn more about Regal Assets, what are your thoughts? Do you think that they are the best precious metals investment company to help you achieve your investment goals? We think that Regal Assets is one of the best precious metals providers out there and believe that you will agree if you decide to give them your business.

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