Premier Precious Metals Review

Premier Precious Metals Review

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Precious metals are suitable investments as they do not depreciate over time. Different precious metals can be bought and sold, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

When choosing the right precious metals investment company to work with, there are a couple of aspects to consider. This guide provides an in-depth analysis of Premier Precious Metals.

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Greg and Cindy, The Hoffman brothers (Founders)
  • Rating: 4.9/5

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    About Premier Precious Metals Company

    Premier Precious Metals Review

    Premier Precious Metals company is an active player in the gold and silver jewelry trade. The institution specializes in Native American and South Western jewelry and works with designers from around the world.

    The company also offers formal or informal appraisals for all materials they otherwise purchase. The company has appraised hundreds of coins, jewelry, and collectible estates by working with local Santa Fe area banks and trust departments.

    Premier Precious Metals company is the largest independently owned jeweler in the South Western US. With the aid of the staff of GIA-trained experts, the agency has a booming trade in loose and set diamonds and other stones like ruby, sapphire, or emerald on a case-by-case basis.

    Premier Precious Metals actively trade in the following:

    • United States Collectible Coins and Currency.
    • Selling Collectible World Coins and Currency.
    • Objects like tokens and medals.
    • Foreign coin and currency exchange.
    • Coinage composed of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

    Not only are they the top contenders in the field of copper, lead, and aluminum, but they are also good in the realm of other precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. The products include gold, silver, platinum, palladium jewelry, gold placer, and any sterling service ware spoons, cups, plates, pitchers, and more, made of these valuable metals.

    The Hoffman brothers Gregg and Cindy started Premier Precious Metals in 1995. Gregg has been interested in coins and currency since he was a small boy and is a lifetime member of the American Numismatic Association. He began the business by buying, selling, and trading at hundreds of Numismatic trade shows.

    The institution opened its store at 855-A Cerrillos Road in 1999. For the past 20 years, the Hoffman brothers have expanded the business to include Andrew and Shane Hoffman, Gregg's sons.

    Honesty, integrity, and hard work are the bedrock of the company. The institution commits to responding to any client queries through impeccable customer service.

    Santa Fe Coins & Jewelry is a New Mexico business selling Premier Precious Metals products to you if you are in another state. The company began as the only coin shop in Santa Fe. The company is currently the only full-time numismatic business in Northern New Mexico.

    Premier Precious Metals Products

    Premier Precious Metals Review


    More than 2,600 years old, gold remains one of the best long-term investments. In many countries, gold is a hedge against inflation and market downturns. Gold also holds value during times of crisis and political upheaval.

    Below are gold investment options provided by Premier Precious Metals to choose from:

    • Alexander The Great Gold Stater Coin
    • Croesus AV Stater Coin
    • American Eagle Gold Coin
    • American Buffalo Coins
    • Austrian Philharmonic Coin
    • Gold Polar Bear and Cub Coin
    • Gold Twin Maples Coin


    Investing in silver has become increasingly popular as it provides an alternative to traditional stocks and bonds or mutual funds. There are many reasons for that, including its relatively low price point and the fact that it can hold its value well compared to other commodities.

    Historically, gold and silver prices have increased dramatically over time, making them a safe investment choice. Various silver precious silver items on Premier Precious Metals include:

    • Silver American Eagle Coin
    • Silver Bolivia Coin
    • Peru Silver Sol Roman Coin
    • Peru Silver Pesetas Coin
    • Silver 8 Reales Philip IV Coin
    • Silver $1 US Morgan Coin
    • Hawaii 1883 Silver 25 Cent Coin
    • Silver Canadian Eagle with Nest Coin
    • Silver Canadian Soaring Eagle Coin


    Platinum is one of the most expensive and longest-lasting of all precious metals. Platinum has a shiny white sheen, is hypoallergenic, and does not corrode or rust.

    Platinum jewelry is delicate. Thus, you should avoid wearing it during intense physical activity to preserve its luster. Platinum coins available at Premier Precious Metals include:

    • American Eagle Platinum Coin
    • Austrian Philharmonic Platinum Coin


    With the recent increase in price and demand, palladium has proven to be a safe-haven investment. Premier Precious Metals provides palladium products such as the Palladium Canadian Maple Leaf Coin.

    Product Appraisals for Purchase by the Company

    Premier Precious Metals Review

    Selling products to Premier Precious Metals is quick and based on your item's condition, intrinsic value, and current market prices. The company’s in-store team answers any questions you have before, during, and after the valuable evaluation process.

    The agency has a private evaluation area for high-value collections where you will feel comfortable and secure. The company also consults several reference materials to find unique or uncommon items.

    Jewelry typically has a stamp or is inscribed with identifying numbers to indicate the piece's weight, quality, or carat count. The coin store runs a professional test and analyzes the item if unmarked.

    Investigating coins and jewelry is not just about the intrinsic value of the materials. The coin store also focuses on how valuable the stones or rareness of the coins are. These two factors significantly increase the value of your item.

    At the end of the process, the company makes a competitive offer, giving you a chance to accept or decline.

    Pros & Cons of Premier Precious Metals


    • The team at Premier Precious Metals is patient and helpful in addressing all your questions and concerns and getting you set up with what you need.
    • The coin shop has provided a phone number on their website and is on Instagram if you need more information.
    • Premier Precious Metals has numerous completed transactions and customer reviews on their online store on eBay, which gives you confidence about the quality of service they provide.


    • There are delivery delays when the seller is away.

    Final Verdict

    Premier Precious Metals is a decent investment company for purchasing gold, silver, platinum, or palladium. Tons of positive feedback from happy clients make Premier Precious Metals the go-to choice for precious metals.

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