Pace Coins LLC Review

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It is an online cryptocurrency trading site that offers a variety of coins like Bitcoin and Eth. It is one of the trusted traders in the market that offers a variety of coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more. Be careful with who you trade with and whether or not they are trustworthy, as there are many scams on cryptocurrency sites. We did some research on this company and were able to find out that it was founded in 2015 by Kenny Coyle Jr.

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Daniel Marsha
  • Rating: 4.0/5

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    Pace Coins LLC Review

    Pros & Cons of Pace Coins LLC


    ➕ Fast Transaction Speed

    The pace is a rapid, fast and reliable cryptocurrency trading site. Transactions take no longer than 10 to 15 minutes, which means that you can trade and withdraw immediately. This fast transaction gives other companies confidence in dealing with Pace.

    ➕ A Wide Range of Coins

    Pace coins offer many different coins, and this wide range of coins makes it a more appealing option for traders worldwide. Pace can support your crypto trading needs from different countries with different currencies and limits on marketplaces.

    ➕ Users are Trusted

    Pace offers a very trusted community on their forums where you can find out the current coin and its price or even gain information about it. Other than that, on the website itself, there is a page so you can see what other traders think about it. It makes it far more trustworthy to buy from because most people will read them over the internet and base their decision on them.

    ➕ Opportunity to Trade Many Different Currencies

    The pace allows you to trade coins from around the world with no restriction on how many coins you can trade at once. You could trade various major altcoins and a host of smaller ones. It is suitable for traders who want to buy a wide range of coins and are looking for an easy way to do it. Some users even prefer this company because their fees are low compared to others in the market.

    ➕ Customer Service is Quick and Easy

    The customer service at Pace is speedy and easy. It will be addressed if you have any complaints about the company. There are no time limits on how long you have to wait for a response from the support team with problems you might have. It shows they are willing to work with their customers as much as possible to understand them and resolve their issues.

    ➕ Pace Coins Has a Great Reputation in the Market

    Overall this company has an excellent reputation in the cryptocurrency world. With many people able to trust them and count on them, this will help you know that you can also count on them. There may be problems with every company eventually. Still, if they have worked through those problems and improved their business, they will have more opportunities to stay a competitor in the market.

    ➕ Variety of Options to Pay

    Pace offers you a variety of ways to pay for your coins. You can use your credit or debit card or even bank transfer. It is good because depending on what they offer, you can get the fastest way to pay so that you know the transaction will go through soon.


    ➖ Poor Customer Support

    Pace cryptocurrency trading site has poor customer support, and if you have a problem or any issues regarding payments or withdrawing funds, it takes them a very long time to respond to your query. Their customer support team is not as responsive as one would like. They need to improve their customer support system, where complaints take up to 24 hours before being addressed.

    ➖ Trading Fees

    Pace charges a trading fee for each trade, so you must be careful in trading because other companies offer lower fees. You have a better chance of getting more coins with lower fees, which can increase your profits. They should improve their fees and make them more competitive with the rest of the market.

    ➖ Customer Care lacks Transparency

    Pace customer care lacks transparency. They do not seem interested in providing information about their company or if they are a viable exchange. They do not communicate enough with their users, which is very important for a business that is just starting. Without communication, the company does not build trust with its customers, and the customers soon become unwilling to trade with them.

    ➖ Poor Bitcoin Exchange

    Bitcoin exchange is an essential part of any cryptocurrency. It is the trust between companies that make the coin value, it can be valuable in a small market such as Slovenia, but if not traded efficiently, you can lose out. Getting more coins through other cryptocurrencies and then trading them for Bitcoin on Pace is not easy. It makes it hard to understand how they can offer many such coins.

    Final Verdict

    The pace is an excellent company to work with; it provides you with many coins and a good amount of trust. They have been in this industry for a long time, so you are more likely to feel secure when dealing with them. It makes them an excellent option for traders who want to increase their profits and ensure they are in safe hands.

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