Noble Gold Review

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Have you been searching for the best way to save and get ready for retirement? Are you worried that you won't have enough money to live the comfortable lifestyle you want and deserve after years of hard work? Many individuals are realizing the potential that investing in gold, silver, and other precious metals offers. Some may even be interested in opening a Gold IRA. 

Noble Gold is among the many precious metals providers that offers these services. However, with so many different precious metals companies, we understand what a difficult decision it can be to choose which company is right for you and your business. 

That's why we've compiled this review for you. We want to share more information about Noble Gold to help in your search for the right precious metals or Gold IRA company. Keep reading to learn more information and find the answers to the questions you've been asking.

  • Products: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Collin Plume
  • Rating: 4.8/5

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    About Noble Gold

    Noble Gold Review

    Noble Gold is a precious metals provider and Gold IRA company that was founded in 2016. Started by Collin Plume and Charles Thorngren, the company's mission, as shared on the website, is to offer each client honesty, friendliness, and understanding to help them make informed decisions while easily being able to purchase precious metals. 

    The company places a high emphasis of educating each of their clients to help them make decisions that will benefit them not only in the short term, but also in the long term. 

    Noble Gold is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. They have received an A+ rating from the BBB, the highest rating possible. The Business Consumer Alliance has given Noble Gold an AA rating, the second-highest rating they offer. 

    In addition to these high ratings from review organizations, Noble Gold's customers also speak very highly of the service and products they received. Reviews from Noble Gold customers on websites including TrustLink and Google are overwhelmingly positive, speaking to the experience you should expect as a Noble Gold customer. 

    Why Invest in Precious Metals with Noble Gold

    Noble Gold Review

    If you're still on the fence about whether you want to invest in precious metals, it is time to make a final decision—secure your financial future and diversify your portfolio by working with Noble Gold to invest in gold, silver, and other precious metals. 

    There are an abundance of reasons to consider adding gold, silver, or other precious metals to your portfolio. A few of these reasons include: 

    • Diversifying your portfolio: When your wealth is spread out between different investments, you're less likely to be as severely impacted if any one asset drops in value.
    • Stability: Throughout history, gold has shown to be a highly valuable asset. Its value has remained stable, even with many market fluctuations, and has even increased quite significantly.
    • Owning a global currency: People around the world recognize the value of gold. For this reason, it is often viewed as a global currency, which is not true of the dollar or other national currencies.
    • No risk of bankruptcy: Investing in a company on the stock market comes with some risk of the company going bankrupt. This is not a concern you'll need to worry about when you choose to invest in gold.
    • Increasing industrial uses and opportunities: Gold and other metals are increasingly being used for a variety of industrial field. For example, research is being conducted on using gold to treat diseases, make oxygen for Mars, or enhance the technology on our devices.
    • Limited supply: Due to the limited supply of gold across the world, it is likely that its value will only continue to increase as more and more individuals seek to own some of the finite supply.
    • Easy to liquidate: Because of its value and how popular and highly sought-after gold is, it is very easy to liquidate. If and when you want to sell your coins and bars, finding someone interested in buying them should be very simple.

    Setting up a Precious Metals IRA

    Noble Gold Review

    Have you heard of a Gold IRA? A Gold IRA, sometimes called a Precious Metals IRA, is a type of Self-Directed IRA. Self-Directed IRAs allow individuals to have greater freedom with how the funds for their retirement account are invested. Rather than sticking with the traditional stocks and bonds, one can invest in alternative assets with a Self-Directed IRA.  

    Opening a Precious Metals IRA, allows you to add gold, silver, palladium, or platinum to your retirement account. This means that you'll get to benefit from all those advantages associated with adding precious metals to your portfolio that were shared above while also benefitting from the tax breaks awarded to IRA customers. 

    Do you think opening a Precious Metals IRA with Nobel Gold is the right choice for your financial future? If so, visit the home page and click on "Get Started" at the bottom of the page. From there, you can complete the Account Setup Form by entering your information. After completing the form, one of Noble Gold's team members will help you work with a Gold IRA custodian to transfer funds. The team member will also guide you through the necessary paperwork if you need any support. 

    After the Gold IRA custodian initiates the transfer of funds, it won't take them long to arrive at Noble Gold. Once they've arrived, it will be time to officially select the bars and coins you want to hold. We'll take a closer look at this step in the next section. 

    Once you are old enough to retire according to the IRS (age 59.5), you are allowed to begin taking disbursements from your account. It is up to you whether you want to request cash or the physical precious metals. 

    Buying Coins and Bars for Your IRA

    Noble Gold Review

    As mentioned earlier, after the funds from your old retirement account have arrived at Noble Gold, it will be time to select the bars and coins you want to buy for your new IRA. Don't worry if you are not sure what you want to purchase; your account representative will be available to offer support and suggestions. 

    While a Precious Metals IRA makes it possible to hold gold, silver, palladium, and platinum in your retirement account, not all metals are IRA-eligible. IRA regulations are in place to dictate what types of metals are eligible, and which do not meet the eligibility requirements. These eligibility requirements have to do with the purity level of each type of metal. The following minimum purity levels must be met in order for you to add a particular coin or bar to your account: 

    • Gold: 99.5% pure
    • Silver: 99.9% pure
    • Platinum: 99.95% pure
    • Palladium: 99.95% pure

    Seeing these high purity levels may make you concerned that there won't be many coins or bars to choose from. However, this is not the case. Noble Gold offers their customers a variety of different choices that meet these minimums. Some of these include: 


    • American Gold Eagle Proof Coins
    • American Gold Eagle Coins
    • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins
    • Australian Gold Kangaroo Coins
    • Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coins
    • Four-Piece Set Proof Gold American Eagle Coins
    • Johnson Matthey 1-Kilogram Gold Bar
    • Perth Mint 1-Ounce Gold Bar
    • Pamp Suisse Lady Fortuna Gold Bars
    • Pamp Suisse 100 Gram Gold Bar


    • 1-Ounce American Silver Eagle Proof Coins
    • 1-Ounce American Silver Eagle Coins
    • 1-Ounce Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin
    • 1-Ounce Australian Silver Kangaroo Coin
    • 1-Ounce Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin
    • 1-Kilograam Australian Silver Coin
    • 5-Ounce America the Beautiful Silver Coins
    • 100-Ounce Republic Metals Silver Bar
    • 1-Ounce Rand Refinery Silver Bar
    • 5-Ounce Highland Mint Silver Bar
    • 1-Ounce Highland Mint Silver Round


    • 1-Ounce Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf Coin
    • American Platinum Eagle Coins
    • Baird & Co 1- and 10-Ounce Platinum Bars


    • 1-Ounce Credit Suisse Palladium Bar
    • 1-Ounce Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf Coin

    Purchasing Coins or Bars for a Personal Investment

    Noble Gold Review

    There is a lot of appeal to setting up a Precious Metals IRA. However, it is definitely not the only way to benefit from the promise gold, silver, palladium, and platinum offer. The other option you have is to purchase precious metals as a direct purchase to have them shipped directly to you. 

    All of the bars and coins previously listed can also be purchased directly. Additionally, beyond these options, Noble Gold also offers a selection of rare coins that you may also want to add to your collection. While these rare coins do not meet the IRS minimum purity requirements, they are still quite valuable and offer you an amazing opportunity to hold a piece of history in your portfolio. 

    All of the rare coins and sets available through Noble Gold are independently certified and graded by the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC) or Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). When you purchase one of these coins, it will arrive in a sealed case to help maintain its value. 

    The rare coins available for purchase from Noble Gold include:

    • Uncirculated 1879 or 1881 Morgan Silver Dollars
    • 1854 Kellogg $20 Coin
    • 4-Piece Indian – St. Gauden Set: 1928 $2.50 Indian Head Coin, 1909 $5 Indian Head Coin, 1932 $10 Indian Head Coin, and 1927 $20 St. Gauden Coin

    Secure Storage Options

    Noble Gold Review

    Precious metals purchased for an IRA are required to be stored in an IRA-approved depository. Unlike many other precious metals providers, Noble Gold offers storage in a Texas depository. Known for its firm protection of state's rights, Texas is seen by many as the optimal location to store your precious metals. 

    International Depository Services' Dallas, Texas location is the first gold depository facility in the south. It offers the optimal opportunity to secure your precious metals for your retirement account in a state where you can be confident that your investment will be protected. 

    International Depository Services is a well-respected company in the industry. Known for their high-security measures and excellent protection, your investment will be ready and waiting for you when you are ready to retire. 

    Royal Survival Packs

    Noble Gold Review

    Noble Gold has designed seven different investment packages to help their clients make sure they are well positioned for an emergency and help them to grow their wealth. Known as Royal Survival Packs, these special packages are available to match a range of budgets and investment needs, with the least expensive option available for just a $10,000 investment up to an over $500,000 investment. 

    You'll find some information below about the cost of each package and how it could benefit you and your family. 

    Noble Knight

    • $10,000 investment
    • Designed as a short-term survival pack to provide necessary funds to address a serious incident or emergency. The various coins included in the pack should help cover your family for at least a few weeks, if not longer.

    Noble Baron

    • $25,000 investment
    • This higher-value pack is similar to the Noble Knight package, but is designed to provide funds to cover you and your family for a longer period of time. The value of the pack can help provide funds to cover the average family of four for one to two months.

    Noble Viscount

    • $50,000 investment
    • If you're worried about a major disaster or other serious event and want to ensure that you're prepared, consider the Noble Viscount. With this pack, you and your family will remain covered for multiple months and have the funds necessary to respond to any challenges you're facing.

    Noble Earl

    • $100,000 investment
    • With this $100,000 pack, you can have confidence in the fact that you'll have access to the funds you need to address major problems and stay safe for a long period of time. You can choose to hold some of the precious metals in your possession and have the others securely stored through Noble Gold to prevent keeping too much on hand for security purposes.

    Noble Marquess

    • $250,000 investment
    • If you are concerned about long-term planning, the Noble Marquess pack can help support your family for up to a year or more. These types of funds will give you more freedom to easily move around as needed in the event of a true emergency or event.

    Noble Duke

    • $500,000 investment
    • With this half-a-million-dollar plan, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you, your family, and your wealth are protected. A member of the Noble Gold team will offer guidance and advice to help customize each aspect of the plan to meet your needs and preferences.

    Noble Ambassador

    • This pack is designed for offshore clients who do not reside in the United States. It is for those who are looking to purchase precious metals and want to store their investment in the United States. The coins and bars added to this customizable account can only be paid for using bitcoin or dollars.

    Request a Free Gold & Silver Guide

    Noble Gold Review

    To further increase your knowledge about investing in precious metals and what it will be like to work with Noble Gold, visit their website to download the Gold & Silver Guide. This free guide shares essential information about what a Precious Metals IRA is, how you can physically own precious metals, and why you should consider setting a Precious Metals IRA.


    • Noble Gold was founded by Colin Plume and Charles Thorngren in 2016.
    • They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
    • The Business Consumer Alliance has given Noble Gold an AA.
    • Noble Gold employs a team of experts who are ready to help you purchase precious metals or add precious metals to a new Gold IRA.
    • They have a buyback program to provide you with peace of mind that you can sell your metals if your situation changes and a need arises.
    • In addition to gold and silver, palladium and platinum coins and bars are also available.
    • The Royal Survival Packs offer pre-selected coins and bars to help users prepare for an emergency for build their wealth.
    • You can choose to have your precious metals stored in a secure Texas depository.

    Pros & Cons of Noble Gold


    • Noble Gold's clients also have the opportunity to purchase palladium and platinum, which many other precious metals providers don't offer.
    • They offer special packages called Royal Survival Packs with pre-selected precious metals to help you make sure that you're ready for the unknown or save for the future.
    • You can work with Noble Gold to set up a Precious Metals IRA to prepare for retirement.


    • Noble Gold only has about 6 years of experience.

    Final Verdict

    Now that you've had the opportunity to learn more about Noble Gold and all that they have to offer, what do you think? Are they the right match for your precious metals investment needs and goals? Are you ready to give Noble Gold a call today to start your investment journey?

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