National Coin Broker Review

National Coin Broker Review

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National Coin Broker is one of the few brokers dealing with precious coins such as gold or rare silver. They offer a wide range of products to fit many different needs and wants. You can find products such as military coins, rare proof sets, foreign coins, or any other unique items you're looking for in the coin trading industry.

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Important Details About This Company:

  • Over 1,000+ 5 star ratings online
  • They protect over $1 BILLION dollars in retirement savings
  • AAA customer rated
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • 5x Inc 500 winner
  • 2021 company of the year

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    About the Owner

    National Coin Broker Review

    National Coin Broker is owned by Jeremy Langsport, an entrepreneur who is passionate about trading coins and precious metals. He has been trading coins since the early nineties, when he started collecting gold coins. He grew up learning about the stock market and believes in improving life through technology. His passion for his job shows in all his actions, whether with customers, employees, or partners.

    Experience the Power of a Real Dealer's Website

    National Coin Broker has proudly provided the coin trading industry with helpful information for over 15 years. They are committed to bringing you the most valuable information available so you can make significant decisions about your next coin project. The National Coin Broker blog is updated weekly to help you make your coin-buying decisions.

    Pros & Cons of National Coin Broker


    ➕ Variety

    National Coin Broker caters to a wide range of collectors, investors, hobbyists, and numismatists. You can find a wide variety of precious metals, gold coins, and bullion items here, such as collectible coins, proof set collections, rare gold coins, and more. They offer something for everyone here.

    ➕ Easy Interface

    National Coin Broker is easy to navigate through the site, and the easy-to-use interface will make your buying experience enjoyable. Their page layout is simple but effective, so you can quickly find what you need in no time.

    ➕ Easy Payments

    National Coin Broker accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. This allows you to buy easier from any part of the world with a safe and secure payment system. They accept payments from over 150 different countries, which is convenient for those who live outside their country.

    ➕ Expert Advice

    National Coin Broker is not just limited to their auctions on the site; they provide valuable information through blogs, advising on all aspects of the trade.

    ➕ A Complete Online Coin Dealer

    National Coin Broker is a complete online coin dealer that buys and sells your old coins, silver, and gold at a favorable price.

    ➕ Support and Help

    National Coin Broker supports those who have questions about the precious coins trade. You can send them a question via email or social media channels to get advice from their expert team.


    Like all industries, there is room for improvement. Here are some things we feel National Coin Broker should work on.

    ➖ Lacking Payment Options

    National Coin Broker only accepts a few different payment options. They should be offering more payment options in the future to help their customers buy coins easier and faster.

    ➖ Limited Live Chat Option

    National Coin Broker does not offer a live chat option which may make contacting them easier in some situations. This should be considered if they want to make their services more friendly for new and professional customers.

    ➖ No International Phone Number

    National Coin Broker does not offer an international phone number, which may disadvantage them in the market with customers who need to contact them quickly. In the future, they could consider adding an international number to help their customers better.

    National Coin Broker Rating 

    Specialty: 5/5

    National Coin Broker has a great variety of coins and numismatic items that could cater to everyone's needs. If you want to sell your old coins, this is the place for you.

    Customer Service: 4/5

    National Coin Broker provides exceptional customer service by phone and email on its website. They, however, lack a live chat option on their site, as already mentioned, which would make communication easier in some situations.

    Shipping: 5/5

    The shipping process is simple, and National Coin Broker makes shipping your coins easy and fast by offering a variety of convenient shipping methods. They also offer flexible return policies based on the value of your order and the condition of your coins.

    Returns: 4/5

    National Coin Broker's return policy for orders is hassle-free and relatively easy to work with. They allow you to cancel an order within 24 hours before it ships for free. This could be helpful to those making last-minute decisions on buying coins online.

    Plans and Pricing: 4/5

    National Coin Broker offers a variety of plans and pricing that can fit new and professional customers' needs. They have packages for those who want to collect coins in the future or for those who want to invest in precious metals now. Their prices are reasonable and competitive.

    Shipping Costs: 5/5

    National Coin Broker offers reasonable shipping options and various shipping methods based on your order value and urgency.

    Buyer Protection: 4/5

    The only thing that would make National Coin Broker's buyer protection guarantee better is if they could offer something like insurance to their customers. However, they perform quality assurance on each coin, giving you peace of mind when buying online.

    Trustworthiness: 5/5

    Like most online shops, National Coin Broker has been around for a long time and has proven trustworthy. They have been a real player in the coin trading industry for over 15 years, and this is something that should win your trust.

    Overall Rating: 4/5

    National Coin Broker is a great place to buy coins online, but there are some things that they could improve on before they are perfect. Looking at the bigger picture, though, National Coin Broker is an excellent option for both new and professional coin collectors.

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