Manhattan Coin Shop Review

Manhattan Coin Shop Review

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Manhattan Coin Shop is a coin dealer in the United States. The company has its headquarters in New York. As a coin dealer, the shop purchases and sells coins of value.

The company domain name,, is registered by, LLC. However, the actual owner of the company is protected through a privacy protection service (Domain name privacy).

It has a wide range of coin collections in stock, and each day, the shop keeps adding a new inventory. If you want to buy or sell a coin, you can visit the platform, fill out a form, and choose the type you want to purchase. Alternatively, you can call the shop and ask if they have the coin in stock.

On the other hand, the platform boasts of being the highest paying coin buyer worldwide if you want to sell a coin.

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Important Details About This Company:

  • Over 1,000+ 5 star ratings online
  • They protect over $1 BILLION dollars in retirement savings
  • AAA customer rated
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • 5x Inc 500 winner
  • 2021 company of the year

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    Why Do People Buy and Sell Precious Coins?

    Manhattan Coin Shop Review

    People trade precious coins as an investment, just like some people invest in buying and selling stocks. To earn profits, you can buy low and sell high or buy a precious coin as a hedge against a time when paper money becomes worthless. If a time comes when all paper money becomes worthless, a bag full of precious coins will do you good.

    Since this is a lucrative business that entails many risks, many scammers have come on board online and in brick and motor stores, purporting to assist you in buying or selling your precious coin. When you fall victim, you lose quite a significant amount. That is why it is important to scrutinize a platform to ensure they are legit before you risk losing your precious metal.

    Is It Prime Time to Trade Precious Coins?

    Manhattan Coin Shop Review

    Manhattan Coin Shop boasts of having a broad wealth of experience spanning 20+ years in selling coins. Gold is always at an all-time high price. If you have gold coins, you can earn a lot more selling them now than you could in the past. The company promises that with their experience in the business, they are in a position to buy your coins at the best rates.

    At a time like this, when there are frequent fluctuations in gold prices, it is wise to sell them now rather than lose it all at the end. Currently, Manhattan Coin Shop has the following coins in stock, plus why you should buy or sell them.

    • Canadian Gold Maple Leafs: It is a tangible piece of money you can sell during emergencies. Unlike gold, which is more expensive, this one is cheaper and has a high growth potential; hence you can invest in it.
    • South African Gold Krugerrands: The S.A Gold Krugerrands have, over time, increased in value over the years. Its price against gold and other precious metal at Manhattan Coin shop will depend on the current price of the metals at the time.
    • Australian Gold Kangeroos & Nuggets: This metal is among the purest gold coins globally, with a purity of 9999. Most people store them as a measure of wealth and hardly sell them. This makes it one of the most expensive coins at Manhattan Coin Shop due to the high demand and less supply.
    • Austrian Gold Philharmonics: This coin contains a 999.9 fineness, 24 carats, making it one of the world's most popular bullion coins. During the 90s, it was among the bestselling bullion coin in Europe and second worldwide. The company trades the metal at the trending price at the time of the trade.
    • British Gold Coins: British Gold coins are a viable investment that most investors worldwide purchase each year. It was first minted in 1817 as a legal tender one-pound coin for circulation. It is available for purchase or sale at the Manhattan Coin Shop.
    • Chinese Gold Panda Coins: This is a good investment given that it is in low circulation; thus, it is rare and can fetch you a fortune when you sell it during an emergency at the Manhattan shop. It features among the highest in the bullion coins.
    • Mexican Gold Coins: The Mexican Gold coin has been a precious metal for over 500 years. It is among the rear metals in the market today. Even as its purity is a bit less, it will still fetch you something good at the Manhattan Shop.
    • French & Swiss Gold Coins: The Swiss gold coin was issued between 1897 to 1938 and 1947 to 1949. Even though it remains one of the rarest coins, it is still in stock at the shop.
    • U.S. Gold Coins: The available four American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins weights include tenth, quarter, half, and one ounce. Unlike the above coins, this one contains some amounts of alloy; thus are harder coins that can resist marring and scratching. Thus, the resale value at the Manhattan can diminish but is still worth it.

    Is the Shop's Site Safe for Transacting?

    Manhattan Coin Shop Review

    Https and Web security

    Some websites use HTTPS:// while some without 'S.' This does not readily guarantee that the site is a scam. The case of Manhattan Coin Shop is HTTP://.

    Nonetheless, it is worth watching. It's advisable not to enter your private information on such websites. On the other hand, some browsers warn when you enter an insecure website. Secure websites often have a small green padlock next to the website address.

    Sometimes, the website address can be highlighted in green or has its domain name before the padlock. These indicators indicate that the site is trustworthy and that you can use it confidently. Manhattan Coin shop has failed in all this.

    In fact, the Chrome browser warns that it is insecure.

    Trust Seals

    When an organization, company, or business has invested a lot in the security of their customers, they need some recognition in return.

    Trust seals exist for this reason. Notable trust seals include McAfee, GeoTrust, BBB accredited Business, TRUSTe Certified Security, Norton Secured, Google, and PayPal.

    These seals are often placed on login, checkout, and Homepages. You should be confident that the site is secure for transactions when you see them. Unfortunately, Manhattan Coin Shop has non; this is a blow to the company.

    Testimonials/ Reviews

    We researched the internet, and though we could only find a handful of testimonials and customer feedback, all of them were from happy customers. This gives the business some level of credibility.

    Pros & Cons of Manhattan Coin Shop


    • Old enough domain to be trusted.
    • Contains contact information.
    • Positive testimonials.


    • Flagged by Google Chrome as insecure.
    • Does not have trust seals.
    • Does not have a trust padlock.

    Final Verdict

    Out of a 5-star rating, I choose to award this precious metal company 2.5 stars rating.

    If you plan to transact valuable coins on this platform, we recommend using a different company. We can spot many questions about the company's legitimacy; therefore, it could help if you conduct a little more research to ensure you find a more credible company to buy or sell precious metals.

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