Kearney Coin Center Review

Kearney Coin Center Review

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Kearney Coin Center is a US coin grading service that has been in business since 1972. It differs from most coin grading services by only using coins that have been submitted through its store. Scanned, cataloged, and graded coins all pass through their business. Kearney has graded over 100 million coins during its operation, and it continues to offer the best possible service for rare or valuable US coins out there, with prices starting at $7.95 per coin or $3 for each 24-count slab of mixed coins.

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Bjorn Bergstrom
  • Rating: 5.0/5

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    Kearney Coin Center Review

    Services Offered by Kearney Coin Centre

    • Coin Grading - You can submit coins to Kearney in person, by mail, or through an online upload. Three different grades are available: Fine, Very Fine, and Extremely Fine.
    • Coin Identification - The coin condition is crucial to the overall value, so collectors must search through a coin's history and match numbers before making a purchase.
    • Certified Grading Reports - These documents allow collectors to examine their grades with photos and detailed descriptions of each coin. They also include refunds for coins submitted incorrectly or later verified as counterfeit through an independent audit if the verification process is available for that particular coin type.
    • Coin Albums - Dansco albums are available in various styles depending on the collector's needs. They range from the US and World Paper Money, US Stocks and Bonds, US Gold, Foreign Gold, and Silver to Classic Coins, which contain more than 300 coins.
    • Coin Products - There are a variety of coin supplies available, ranging from card holders to album pages, that they can use with any existing albums.
    • Coin Grading Services Provided by Third Parties - These services help collectors use their coins to earn certificates that can be framed and displayed in the home or office.
    • Coin Buying and Selling - Collectors looking to turn their coin collection into cash should look no further than Kearney. They specialize in buying rare coins and always look for quality US coins reasonably priced.

    Pros & Cons of Kearney Coin Center


    • Extremely Trusted - Kearney Coin Centre has been in business since 1972, which speaks volumes of its trustworthiness. Since they handle all submissions, there is no doubt that the graded coins will be guaranteed to be genuine. They are also known for providing detailed grading reports that provide a lot of information about each coin submitted.
    • Experienced Graders - All experts at Kearney Coin Centre hold advanced degrees from some of the best universities in America, including the University of Virginia, Cornell University, and Newark College. The staff is experienced in grading coins and can help collectors adjust to the unique world of rare coin collecting.
    • Offers a Wide Range of Services - For example, Since they have been in business for over 40 years, Kearney Coin Centre has become one of the best places to store US coins while providing affordable services and products that enhance coin collecting experiences.
    • Deals with Gold, Silver, and Platinum - Just because they are known for US coins doesn't mean they can't handle their business regarding precious metals. They offer competitive coin prices ranging from $27 to $3,600.
    • High-Quality Products - The products available at Kearney Coin Centre are all made by either the US or a well-known foreign company. The coins, albums, and supplies will all stand up to the test of time and enhance any coin collector's experience.
    • Low Prices - These excellent services don't come at a high price. Some services are priced as low as $3 per slab, while others can be as much as $7.95 per coin, depending on the grading level needed.


    • Some Services Require Shipping Fees - Depending on the product, there may be additional shipping charges, so collectors should look closely at the fees before ordering.
    • No Coin Buying Service in Person - This is a significant setback for coin enthusiasts that want to sell coins in person. The closest collector will have to drive an hour away, which can significantly inconvenience some collectors.
    • Doesn't Offer a Wide Range of Coins - Not many different coins are available for grading, so collectors looking for specific varieties will have to look elsewhere.
    • Financial Concerns - There is no doubt that Kearney Coin Centre is one of the world's most trusted coin grading services today, but like all businesses, there are some financial concerns regarding the price of their services. The price range for each service can be as low as a few dollars or as high as over $200 per coin, depending on the level of grading necessary.

    Final Verdict

    Kearney Coin Centre offers a wide range of services for collectors and investors to enjoy in one place. The service is highly trusted and has been proven to work for everyone, from beginners to coin collectors looking for something different than the usual submissions. They offer great products, pricing, and customer service that they can't beat.

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