Goldcore Review

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Goldcore is one of the largest precious metals dealers in the world, selling gold and silver to people in 45 countries. They also have thousands of positive customer reviews. But how does the company operate behind the scenes? What should you know before you decide to invest?

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Stephen Flood (CEO)
  • Rating: 3.9/5

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  • AAA customer rated
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • 5x Inc 500 winner
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    About Goldcore

    Goldcore Review

    Goldcore is an Irish company that was founded in 2003. Over the past two decades, it has grown to 4,200 clients with $200 million in managed investments. The company has offices in both Dublin and London, though they haven't branched out into the US. They do ship to US clients.

    You can choose from a variety of gold and silver bullion. It can either be shipped directly to you or securely stored in a vault.

    Goldcore has a massive global reach and a strong media presence. Representatives of the company often speak at financial conferences. They have also appeared in media like CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, and the Wall Street Journal.

    Despite being an Irish company without any American offices, many of Goldcore's customers are from the US. The majority of clients are high net worth individuals or institutions like estates and financial advisers. The company offers a range of different options for storage.

    In addition to the storage options, Goldcore also has a proprietary GoldSaver program, which allows you to automatically invest in gold. They offer Perth Mint Certificates from the Perth Mint as well.

    Goldcore has an online trading platform for bullion. You can buy and sell your precious metals with the touch of a few buttons. Every client has full ownership over their assets. The vaults are all segregated, which means that no one can access your metals except you. In addition, all of the storage options are outside any banking system.

    Goldcore says that their goal is to build trust with every individual client. The company representatives offer honest and forthright advice regarding your investments.

    Company Values

    Goldcore Review

    Goldcore is built on a variety of values and principles. Given the positive feedback, it seems like they really adhere to these values.


    Goldcore Review

    Everyone at the company believes that precious metals are a vital way to protect your wealth. This investment hedges against both inflation and a crash of the stock market.

    Goldcore spends a lot of time working on community education, teaching people about finances and diversification. They further teach people about how different types of precious metals perform against more traditional assets.

    Goldcore's representatives also understand that it's impossible to predict how the market will change. They don't make any guarantees, and they explain the risks to each customer. Their biggest goal is to destroy any myths about precious metals investment.


    Goldcore Review

    There's a huge range of options when it comes to precious metals. You might be interested in pure bullion, coins, bars, numismatic rarities, or jewelry. Goldcore stocks many pure bullion options that are investment grade in purity.

    Every client is given choices and options suited to their exact needs. Some of that depends on how close the client will be to their metal of choice. If the metals are being shipped directly to you, the advice might be different from if you're putting them in a vault in a tax shelter.

    The manner in which you acquire your gold affects your future. Self-possession has more inherent risk, but it means your items will be close in case of disaster. Vault storage is the most secure, and it's hidden away from prying government eyes. However, it also comes with ongoing costs.


    Goldcore Review

    The third company value is innovation. The right solution for you will vary depending on your exact situation. Goldcore doesn't use a one-size-fits-all approach. They aim to give every client an ideal solution for their precious metals needs.

    Goldcore also claims that they prioritize product innovation. In addition to providing investment grade products for high net worth investors, they help clients secure precious metals for things like:

    • Use of silver in manufacturing
    • Commodities investments
    • Individual portfolio protection

    About the Management

    Stephen Flood

    Goldcore Review

    The CEO of the company is named Stephen Flood. He has worked with Goldcore for over ten years. His biggest job is to create new opportunities by working with new business partners and clients.

    Stephen Flood has a Business degree and started his career in the financial sector. He worked in New York for several years and then joined Goldman Sachs. When he returned to Ireland, he joined Goldcore and created a financial services company within it.

    Now he is the CEO of the company. In addition to working with new business partners, he leads a team of people who give clients advice on the best precious metals purchases.

    David Russell

    Goldcore Review

    The Director of Communications and Marketing is David Russell. He handles all communications, marketing, and branding for the company. Given that the brand has a global presence with two offices, that's very impressive!

    He has a Business Studies degree with a postgrad degree in Financial Service. He got his start in the financial sector in 1997 by working as a bank trader. It was during this time period that he became interested in precious metals.

    He joined up with Goldcore five years after it was founded. When he joined, he was the director of business development. He's taken over his current role as of 2020. Before this, he operated and managed a marketing agency, plus he met several other professional qualifications.

    Padhraig O'h-larnain

    Goldcore Review

    Padhraig O'h-larnain works as the Head of Trading and Treasury for Goldcore. He has been with the company for over ten years. Right now, he takes care of trading, treasury, and developing new processes for the online trading platform.

    He has a degree in Enterprise, Computing, and Finance. From 2002 to 2010, he worked in the financial industry. In 2010, he joined Goldcore. He is qualified to manage taxes through the Irish Tax Institute.

    Derek Ryan

    Goldcore Review

    The Head of Bullion Sales is Derek Ryan. Though he has only been with the company since 2019, he has quickly become indispensable. In addition to coordinating sales, he is in charge of customer service.

    Prior to work at Goldcore, Derek Ryan had 20 years of experience with the financial services industry.

    Is Goldcore a Scam?

    Goldcore Review

    Goldcore is not a scam. In fact, the company has an astonishingly excellent reputation. Since they are based in Ireland rather than the US, they don't have a page with the Better Business Bureau. But they are registered with the Republic of Ireland and fully licensed and insured. They have been in business for nearly 20 years and have thousands of satisfied customer reviews.

    In fact, Goldcore is one of the most popular European gold dealers to choose from. That goes especially for people in Ireland and the UK. They have offices in both Dublin and London. Currently, there are over $200 million worth of assets being stored and managed for over 4,000 clients.

    All financial data regarding the company is available to view online through the Republic of Ireland business registry. This is a massive amount of transparency that most US companies don't even begin to compete with. The only comparison is US companies that trade publicly on the stock market.

    In addition, Goldcore and its representatives have been brought in as expert consultants for a variety of media. For example, they have worked with Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, the BBC, CNN, the Associated Press, and CNBC. They are participants in the Bloomberg Gold Survey.

    Customer reviews of Goldcore are overwhelmingly positive. While there are a handful of negative reviews here and there, most people are extremely happy with the service. They say that the representatives are knowledgeable, respectful, and honest. They also say that the shipping is quick, the pricing is reasonable, and the pricing is transparent.

    Pros & Cons of Goldcore


    • Global precious metals dealer with thousands of excellent reviews.
    • Long history in the precious metals industry.
    • Multiple offices and a stable business model.


    • No IRAs are offered to American clients, though Americans can still make purchases.
    • Only gold and silver available to purchase.
    • May not have the fastest shipping to clients in the US compared to domestic shipping.

    Final Thoughts

    Goldcore is one of the top precious metals dealers in Europe. Based in Ireland, they sell precious metals to 45 global countries, including the United States. They also have an incredible reputation, with thousands of customers leaving five star reviews.

    Over time, Goldcore has grown to be one of the most respected businesses in the precious metals industry. There's no reason not to invest with them, especially if you're in Europe.

    For people in the US, there may be a few hesitations. One is that international shipping may take longer than domestic. If you want packages that arrive quickly, you should look into a gold dealer with offices closer to your home.

    Another issue is the lack of precious metals IRAs. For many Americans, the only way to make a big purchase of precious metals is by securing them in an IRA. But Goldcore doesn't have IRA services, since they're an Irish company. They don't streamline the setup process for you, nor do they have partnered custodial partners. There's no way to browse their inventory purely by IRA-eligible items.

    For this reason, if you're looking to invest in a gold IRA, we recommend working with a different dealer.

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