Gold Trust Financial Review

Gold Trust Financial Review

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If you are thinking of investment, there are many avenues that you can explore to secure your financial future. One of the promising ones that are thriving today is putting your money into precious metals. When you are ready to hit the ground running with your investments, Gold Trust Financial is a leading player that you will meet in the market.

The value of precious metals, unlike other forms of investments, such as paper shares and bonds, will not be affected by fluctuations in the price of the metal. Gold Trust Financial and its products will be discussed in detail in the following sections of this review. This will be helpful if you have any queries concerning the firm or precious metals. 

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Ted Root
  • Rating: 2.5/5

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Important Details About This Company:

  • Over 1,000+ 5 star ratings online
  • They protect over $1 BILLION dollars in retirement savings
  • AAA customer rated
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • 5x Inc 500 winner
  • 2021 company of the year

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    About the Company

    Gold Trust Financial Review

    Gold Trust Financial is a national retailer that deals with physical precious metals. Buyers that deal with the company can choose from common and highly precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. Gold Trust has also extended to palladium and bullion, all in coins.

    Gold Trust Financial was founded as a privately held firm. The company is registered as an entity in financial services, working on a medium scale with about fifty employees. Its reputation has remained medium in its growth from inception to the present scale in its operations.

    A FedEx insured shipment is what the corporation claims to use for all orders. A signature is required upon delivery. On Trust link, there are many extensive evaluations about the company's history of doing business. However, it is perplexing that they seem to have gone from the face of the web.

    People may buy precious metals from the company, deposit them in their retirement plans, and provide them for general purchase. Their IRA services enable consumers to buy IRS-approved precious metals and deposit them in the right depositories.

    However, there is no partnership between the corporation and a caretaker. Details about their IRA services are elusive. If they have no professionals on staff to assist you, we are left to fend for ourselves when it comes to documentation. 

    How It Works

    Most customers that want to buy and invest in precious metals do so with their savings and retirement accounts. However, even the younger people with disposable incomes are also a good portion of these investors. The IRA backs Gold Trust in securing the investments and backing the account once the buyer has their precious metal coins.

    Customers deal with the company through its website, where they can sample the different precious metals and buy them. Once the buyer is satisfied with the nature and quality of the product, they can go on to place an order. The shipment is availed to them through FedEx, a process that is ascertained secure the trust and welfare of the buyer. 


    Gold Trust Financial Review


    Gold is a highly coveted precious metal that individual and institutional investors use to secure their funds. The good thing about gold is its rarity and the ease with which one liquidates their investment within available demand. Gold Trust mainly deals in coins, although bulk buyers can also requisition bars on demand.

    Buyers also have different options for choice, bringing gold coins together according to their country and region of origin. The main ones are American Eagle and Buffalo, Canadian Maple, Australian Philharmonic, South African Krugerrand, Britannia, Queen's beast white horse from Hanover, Black Bull of Clarence, and the Unicorn from Scotland. Credit Suisse is availed as a gold bar for the bulk high-end buyers.


    Gold Trust deals silver the same way as gold, mostly in coins and sometimes as larger bars on demand. Silver is the second most likely investment for financially savvy individuals aware of technology and the evolving pace today. The growth in its use within manufacturing has especially extended its use throughout the tech market. 

    Its prices are likely to continue rising along with this existing demand and associated value. 

    Invest in Precious Metals

    Gold Trust Financial Review

    The Gold Trust Financial may allow you to invest in precious metals even if you do not wish to construct an IRA. The company's primary concentration is on products from nations including Canada, Austria, South Africa, the United States, and Switzerland. In keeping with industry norms, the firm does not publish its price on the internet as many others do.

    A phone call is required for pricing information on a specific coin or metal bar.

    Pros & Cons of Gold Trust Financial


    • The company has been operating for many years in the market.
    • Customers have given positive reviews on Trust link.


    • With no effort to address concerns, the BBB has given the organization a D- grade.
    • Customers claim that the price of a product is marked up well over its genuine worth.
    • There is no information regarding who is running the firm.
    • The company does not have a functional website where customers can reach them.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the Company Genuine?

    Gold Trust Financial seems to be a reputable company. Several customers have given them high marks on Trust link. Because of this, the BBB has given them a D- rating, despite having been in business for almost 30 years. Additionally, there are many other major red signals to be aware of. 

    Similarly, there is no substitute for trusting independent third-party evaluations, even if the business is legitimate. The Better Business Bureau has closed two concerns in the last three years, but no evaluations exist. 

    What is the Major Complains Raised by Customers?

    Advertising and sales issues are the subject of both BBB complaints. Part of their poor rating is that the company has not responded to either question. 

    One user accused the company of selling overpriced coins. As a result, the consumer believes they were overcharged for the goods and has filed a claim against the seller. 

    However, there are additional specifics in the second complaint. This consumer was given a price 20% greater than the actual worth of the coins. In addition to being unable to contact the coin seller or the corporation, they could not reach anybody at either. 

    The user requested a refund for their purchase price. The company charged them four times as much as they had originally promised for each coin. 

    The corporation has made no effort to resolve any of these issues. It's troubling that the consumers say that the business purposely used deceitful approaches to charge them more than they claimed they would. Even if it's not legally a fraud, it indicates forceful and dishonest salesmanship. 

    Are there Positive Reviews by Users of the Company?

    Yes. According to the company's Trust link website, the story is rather different. Overall, there have been 24 reviews with an average rating of 4.9. Because there are no BBB evaluations, this seems a bit odd. It's difficult to determine whether pleased consumers write these evaluations.

    If they do, there are many happy clients out there. According to Trust link's most recent reviews, the latest one was published in 2014. In 2018, both of the BBB allegations were made. If this discontent results from a change in administration or strategy, it is feasible. 

    With that in mind, here are some of the good things the customers said about the company; 

    • The employees are kind and understanding.
    • People felt at ease because of the exceptional customer service.
    • Customers experienced genuine progress and benefits with their gold IRAs.
    • Users were planning to refer the business to their relatives and friends because of their positive experiences.

    The most recent good review was submitted nearly seven years ago, as indicated above. Many corporations have received more current good feedback, and their BBB scores are also higher. 

    What Are the Benefits of Storing Gold in an IRA Account?

    Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) protect your financial future and that of your loved ones by allowing tax-deferred development. It's tax-free now, so these accounts are great for long-term saving goals.

    An adequate sum should always be placed up in long-term accounts so that your retirement years may be free of worry and filled with contentment. Money-saving tips are taken seriously by some. Your cash in an IRA, on the other hand, is fast depreciating due to inflation. Gold is the finest investment you can make since it is safe, stable, and even increases in value over time.

    The global economy is in flux, and investors hedge their bets by stashing physical gold in individual retirement accounts (IRAs). Gold IRAs outperform most other assets during times of crisis. If you don't shield your loved ones from economic dangers, it's a risk. A Gold IRA is a great way to protect your financial future by being aware of the economic dangers and taking actions to minimize them.

    Final Verdict

    To put it mildly, Gold Trust Financial is confusing. You will not be able to buy anything from them since they do not seem to be updating their webpage anymore, and there is still a business going on. Are they still providing services to customers? It's hard to say what is going on. 

    A large portion of the knowledge we have acquired has come from looking into the opinions of others. Despite being in operation for over three decades, the firm has never been certified by the Better Business Bureau. They have a D- grade and have failed to reply to two customer complaints. 

    The customers claimed they were ripped off since the provider greatly inflated its products' prices. It seems that the company was once able to meet the needs of its clients. Trust link has a large number of five-star reviews from satisfied customers. 

    While some reviews may be business plants, others are realistic enough to make them seem real. However, the most current review dates back to 2014.

    There are not many recommendations for a firm with no functional website. We advise staying away from this company, even if they restore their website and start selling precious metals again. The allegations are particularly troubling because the corporation did not attempt to reply to the charges of questionable sales practices.

    If you are looking for a place to put your money, look for a reputable company. It's possible to set up a gold IRA with the help of an experienced gold IRA firm. As a result, they can give you gold at a lesser price than their competitors since they make their money from setup and maintenance charges.

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