Gold Bullion International Review

Gold Bullion International Review

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Like most people, you would like your portfolio to grow. However, finding sustainable investment vehicles that will give good returns can be challenging. You can choose to invest in real estate, stock or shares. But did you know you can also invest in precious metals? Precious metal prices are more stable, and selling them at the right time can ensure you generate a huge profit. 

However, one question arises, how do you invest in precious metals? Luckily for you, many companies offer precious metal investment services. However, you must be careful since some offer less than stellar services.

Below is a detailed review of one of the precious metal investment companies known as Gold Billion International.

Gold Bullion International is a company that has been dealing with precious metals since 2009. They offer a variety of products, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. So, can you trust Gold Bullion International? Is it a good choice to invest in them? This review will take a closer look at what the company does and help you decide if they are the right fit for your investment needs.

  • Products: Gold, Crypto, Alts
  • Owner: Steven Feldman.
  • Rating: 3.4/5

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    Understanding More About Gold Billion International

    Gold Bullion International Review

    Gold Bullion International(GBI) is a precious metal dealer established in 2009. The company allows its clients to purchase gold and other precious metals using traditional currency and cryptocurrency. Gold Billion International has a simple buying process that makes it easy for first-time buyers to purchase precious metals.

    The company's website also provides a function that allows customers to ask questions about the buying process. You can also purchase coins and other precious metal bullions through the company. The company can also deliver the precious metal to your physical address or store it at a secure location on your behalf.

    Overall, many customer reviews portray Gold billion international as a reputable company that provides an easy way to purchase gold and other precious metals using cryptocurrency.

    How Does The Process Of Selling And Buying Precious Metal Work At GBI?

    Gold Bullion International (GBI) is a private gold and silver bullion dealer co-founded in 2009 by the current CEO, Steven Feldman.

    GBI offers its clients the ability to buy and sell precious metals online or via telephone. Clients can also store their metals with the company if they do not want to store them themselves. They have safe deposit boxes where your gold or silver bullions are secure.

    The process is just as easy when you want to sell your precious metals. You simply log into your account, select the items you wish to sell, and enter your desired payment method. Once again, payments are processed quickly and securely.

    With GBI, you can be sure you're getting a fair price for your precious metals. The London Bullion Market Association recognizes the company. The LBMA ensures that bullion trading companies, including GBI, adhere to the highest standards in the industry.

    What Products Does Gold Bullion International Offer?

    Gold Bullion International Review

    Gold Bullion International offers a variety of products to its clients, including gold coins, bars, and ingots. Gold Bullion International also offers storage services for its clients' investments.

    The company also trades in silver, palladium and platinum, which they offer in bars of different weights. You can also invest in silver coins. An investor can buy as much as a 1kg gold bar to as little as 1oz of gold. You can also opt to invest in gold coins which weigh from 1oz to 0.1oz, depending on your preference and financial goals.

    The company has highly experienced experts who can help you make an informed decision by providing pertinent information on buying and selling these precious metals.

    Gold Bullion International's products are backed by the highest quality standards in the industry. Gold Bullion International's products are guaranteed to be authentic and free of defects. Gold Bullion International's storage services are highly secure, and its clients' gold investments are fully insured.

    Does The Company Offer IRAs

    The answer is yes. The company offers precious metal IRA services. According to their website, the company has various options available to their clients. The site continues to state that the company works with each client to find the best solution for their individual needs. GBI states it understands that retirement planning can be a complex process and therefore are there to help make it as easy and stress-free as possible.

    Account Set Up Fee

    Gold Bullion International Review

    Setting up an account with Gold Bullion International is quick and easy, and there are no fees associated with doing so. You must provide basic personal information and choose a username and password. Once your account is set up, you can begin buying and selling the precious metal of your choice through the website.

    However, you will incur expenses in regard to the buying price of the precious metals. For example, a 1 kg gold bar can be as high as $55,000, depending on the prevailing market price. The company also offers IRA and charges $100 annually for using their Millennium Trust custodial services.

    The company will also charge you other fees, including sales taxes and other expenses that may result from purchasing, delivering or selling precious metals. The amount you pay depends on the purchase, among other similar factors.

    Overall, setting up an account and buying and selling gold bullion with Gold Bullion International is a cost-effective way to invest in gold.

    Does The Company Deliver The Product To Your Address?

    Yes, the company delivers the precious metal to your home or an address of your choice. However, you will have to bear the shipping cost. Gold Bullion International ships the product in the safest possible means. Safe shipping means you do not have to worry about your product's safety or loss along the way.

    Is GBI’s Customer Support Department Responsive?

    The customer support department at GBI is very friendly and always offers solutions to clients. They are quick to respond to any questions or concerns clients may have and are always willing to go the extra mile to help. Overall, the customer support department at GBI is excellent and is highly recommendable to anyone looking for a great experience.

    Is Gold Bullion Investment Website Easy To Navigate

    The Gold Bullion Investment website is easy to navigate. You can find the information you are looking for without difficulty. The website is well organized and user-friendly. The website displays the current price of all the products. You can also navigate through the site and find information regarding the products the company offers.

    Customer Complaints and Recommendations Of The Company

    Gold Bullion International Review

    The company does not have a lot of online reviews. It does not have a review on BBB, Trustpilot, or Yelp. The company only has five reviews on Glassdoor, which are generally positive. One of the complaints on the review is by an employee who felt that the company was too "corporate", which is a common complaint, especially among employees working for financial institutions.

    Does the lack of review on the major business review sites mean you should shun the company? The answer is no. GBI deals with large amounts of cash, probably in the millions of dollars. Therefore, the media would be all over the story if the company had scammed any of the people who have invested that much money.

    It is near impossible to scam people that much money, and the issue remains hidden from the public. Although the company does not have many customer complaints or recommendations on the popular customer review sites, GBI seems to be a legit investment company.

    Pros & Cons of Gold Bullion International

    Like every company, Gold Bullion International has its pros and cons. Below are the Pros and Cons of the company in more detail.


    • You can easily sell and buy gold, silver, platinum and palladium through the company's website.
    • You can buy and sell the precious metal using cryptocurrency.
    • You do not have to pay any upfront fees while registering with the company.
    • The sign-up process is generally simple.
    • The company has various security feature setups, which makes it difficult for someone to tamper with your account.
    • They deliver products to your address or another address of your choosing.
    • GBI has a safe storage location where they can securely store your precious metal.


    • It does not have a lot of reviews online.
    • The website does not offer a live chat.

    Final Verdict: Is Gold Bullion International A Scam?

    GBI is not a scam, but there are some definite concerns that potential customers should be aware of. First and foremost, GBI does not feature on the most popular customer review websites.

    Therefore it can be difficult to ascertain how they operate regarding customer support and services. On the bright side, though, the company is a member of LBMA, which means they conduct their business under the organization's stringent rules. 

    The membership means they are subject to the same regulatory oversight as other financial institutions under the organization. All things considered, GBI is not a scam. However, you should research GBI thoroughly and consult a financial advisor to ensure that investing with GBI is the right decision for you.

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