Ferris Coin Review

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Investing in precious metals is a great way to diversify your investment portfolio. Gold and silver, in particular, have proven to hold their value well in times of economic stress or uncertainty. However, finding a reputable dealer may prove to be difficult.

Getting the right dealer will not only ensure your precious metals are positioned to retain their value, but it will also ensure you get the correct prices for them. You want to be certain that you are getting a fair market price for any precious metals you sell. It is essential to do your due diligence before making any investments in precious metals.

You might have several questions about Ferris Coin and its operations in general. It is worth noting that our goal is to ensure you are getting the most value for your money. That is why we provide quick, honest reviews of investment products.

Is Ferris Coin the right coin dealer for you? Will your precious metals be well protected with them? Does Ferris Coin have any investment opportunities for you to consider? We hope to answer all these questions and shed some light on some of the doubts you may have regarding precious metal investments. Let's take a closer look at this precious metal company to see if it is right for you.

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Wendell C. Williams
  • Rating: 4.9/5

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    About Ferris Coin

    Ferris Coin Review

    Located at 199 Wolf Rd. Albany, Ferris Coin began as a stamp manufacturer in 1930. After incorporating coins into its business concept, the company was renamed Ferris Stamp and Coin.

    Ferris Coin has been in the coin and bullion industry for over 92 years. It is trusted by many people when it comes to buying or selling gold and silver bullion, coins and paper currencies, flatware and holloware, gemstones, and jewelry. The corporation purchases in bulk and passes the savings on to its customers.

    Ferris Coin's Services

    Ferris Coin majorly deals with the following products:

    Scrap Gold, Silver, and Jewelry

    Scrap gold and silver is a great way to make extra cash if you have any of these items lying around your house. Ferris Coin buys scrap gold, silver, and jewelry at a price far higher than its melt value. They will buy your jewelry, whether it is ancient, vintage, new, or damaged.

    Ferris Coin also analyzes and purchases diamonds. Additionally, if you are unclear about the metal content of your jewelry, they can gladly test it for you at no cost.

    Ferris Coin Review

    Diamond Engagement and Bridal

    Ferris Coin specializes in selling wedding bands and engagement rings made of fine diamonds. They buy vintage jewelry from estates and restore the best pieces to sell.

    Additionally, they pay more and sell wedding jewelry at affordable rates. Many of the company's vintage items have more complex, handcrafted settings and patterns that set them apart from others. Ferris Coin also offers stylish, contemporary pre-owned diamond wedding rings and engagement bands.

    Ferris Coin also buys diamonds, colored stones, and other gems for all types of jewelry. If you want to sell diamonds or any other gem and are unsure how much your gems are worth, a Ferris Coin on-site assessor will gladly look them over and give you an estimated value.

    Coins and Paper Currency

    As the oldest and biggest coin dealer in the Albany region, Ferris Coin buys and sells rare and common coins from the 18th and 19th centuries, American and international paper money, tokens, medals, fractional currency, and proof sets. They strongly purchase both graded, slabbed, and ungraded loose coins.

    You are encouraged to visit the Ferris Coin store to acquire unbiased assessments of your coins before grading them.

    Ferris Coin Review

    Gold and Silver Bullion

    Gold and silver are time-tested investments that continue to hold value throughout severe economic challenges. Precious metals are a great way to diversify your investment portfolio with sound financial principles and a steady income stream. It is easy to learn about investing in gold and silver from Ferris Coin.

    Ferris Coin buys and sells gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion. These items are stored and accessible for inspection upon request.

    Silver Flatware and Holloware

    Ferris Coin specializes in buying flatware and holloware made of silver. This includes silver teapots, serving trays and platters, water pitchers, and silver cutlery.

    Luxury Watches and Men's Jewelry

    Ferris Coin buys and sells high-end pre-owned modern and antique luxury timepieces, including Rolex and Patek Phillipe. The company also has a large assortment of low-cost men's diamond rings and gold bracelets.
    The Ferris Coin men's line also includes necklaces, bracelets, and luxury watches. The firm also buys rings, chains, and other men's jewelry.

    Ferris Coin Review

    Investors' Resources

    You can check out the Ferris Coin website to find more information about the firm. The Ferris Coin website also has a wealth of resources for people who want to invest in precious metals and bullion, such as online forums and articles about investing in precious metals, rare coins, and valuable jewelry.

    Ferris Coin sends out a weekly email newsletter on vintage jewelry, unique engagement rings, fancy diamond shapes, rare coins, and precious metals. You can sign up for their newsletter to receive monthly investment advice on precious metals.

    Furthermore, the skilled appraisers at Ferris Coin are devoted to assisting you anytime you contact them or visit the store. You may also read many internet reviews regarding the firm.

    Pros & Cons of Ferris Coin


    • The company has adequate reviews online to help you when investing.
    • Ferris Coin has over 92 years of experience.
    • There is a live chat feature on the company's website.


    • The company does not offer IRA services.
    • The company does not have segregated storage solutions.

    Final Verdict

    Ferris Coin is a trustworthy and reliable precious metal company. We highly recommend you get in touch with them if you want to invest in precious metals and coins. They are experts in the field of precious metals and have years of experience selling gold and silver bullion, precious metals, coins, diamonds, and other gems. The company also has numerous online reviews from customers who have previously worked with them.

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