Executive Coin Company Review

Executive Coin Company Review

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Executive Coin Company is a metals refining and manufacturing company that produces an array of precious metal products and bullion items. The headquarters is located in Miami, Florida, with three other manufacturing plants in the United States. To meet its inventory requirements, the company offers industrial-sized production for clients who need bulk orders of various precious metal coins.

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    About Executive Coin Company

    Executive Coin Company Review

    Product Type

    Executive Coin Company offers various products, including gold coins, silver bullion bars, and silver rounds. They also produce high-quality gold, silver, and platinum products in jewelry and coin collections. Items ship to customers across North America and the rest of the world in cases of order sizes that usually range between 500 and 1,000 ounces.


    Executive Coin Company is owned and operated by Richard De La Rosa. In addition to running the company, Mr. De La Rosa is the principal owner of several precious metal manufacturing businesses involved in creating various products for the precious metals industry.


    Executive Coin Company received four stars out of 5 stars in our review. The reviewers on Bullion Bulls rated the company 4.0 stars out of 5, and Harshil Roy rated the company at 4.0 out of 5 with their review posted on Sept 24, 2012.

    Executive Coin Company Review

    Executive Coin Company in the News

    In 2010 Executive Coin Company was featured in an article in the Miami Herald. The article was entitled "Heat is on gold, silver prices - Is there a bubble?" and the article discussed gold and silver prices rising due to worldwide political unrest. The article mentioned the company as a small company that exports many of its coins overseas to countries like China, India, and Dubai.


    Shipping information for products from the Executive Coin Company is listed on their website. The site lists the shipping rates for all items shipped to customers in North America and the rest of the world. The website also lists each order in a tracking system that makes it possible to find out the status of an order after the Executive Coin Company has processed it.

    Customer Service

    Executive Coin Company offers customer service through their contact information, which is listed on their website and can be found under contact us. Customers can use this contact information to access online help with shipping delays when ordering products, contacting customer service, or asking questions about items they have purchased from Executive Coin Company.

    Executive Coin Company Review

    Payment System

    Executive Coin Company supports the following payment methods. Accepted payment methods are listed on their website under orders and payments. The website also lists toll-free customer service phone numbers that customers can use to process payments or order items. The list of available payment methods includes bank wire transfers, checks, money orders, and credit card payments.

    The company also offers promotions for customers who pay for products with credit cards and provide a valid email address. Customers who pay with credit cards and provide a valid email address will receive a $250 coupon code for future purchases from the company store.

    Pros & Cons of Executive Coin Company


    ➕ Large Variety of Items

    Executive Coin Company stocks a large inventory of products. The company offers gold coins, gold bars, platinum bullion bars, and silver rounds produced in North America. Executive Coin Company produces high-quality precious metal products for jewelry, coin collections, and investment purposes. They also stock items businesses use to promote their brands or give them as awards to employees or clients.

    ➕ Precious Metals Manufacturing Businesses

    Richard De La Rosa owns or is involved in several manufacturing businesses, allowing him to produce many precious metal items at a lower cost than smaller companies. Mr. De La Rosa owns several companies involved in refining precious metals, manufacturing molds, and producing precious metal items. In addition, other companies work with him to produce gold and silver bars and coins.

    ➕ Items for Jewelry and Coin Collections

    Executive Coin Company produces high-quality items for coin collectors, jewelry makers, and manufacturers of precious metal bars. They stock many items that can be used in jewelry and coin collections, as well as items that are used as investments.

    ➕ Export Products

    Executive Coin Company provides items for sale to customers from countries like Mexico and the United States. In addition, the company also provides items to customers in other parts of the world, such as China, India, and Dubai. Businesses that sell products to Executive Coin Company can use their services to have their items shipped to other countries.

    ➕ High-Quality Items

    The company produces high-quality precious metal products in jewelry, coin collections, and other media. The quality of the products that Executive Coin Company produces is high enough to satisfy a variety of customers worldwide who seek quality products at an affordable cost.


    ➖ No Customer Service Phone Number

    Executive Coin Company does not offer phone support to customers. Customers who wish to contact customer service can contact customer service by emailing the company website.

    ➖ Shipping Fees are High

    The shipping fees charged by Executive Coin Company are higher than those charged by other companies that ship similarly sized orders. Shipping costs will be higher if customers want to change their order after it has been placed or if their order is shipped in multiple packages.

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