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When choosing an investment opportunity, rare coins and precious metals are worthwhile considerations. While stocks and cryptocurrencies fluctuate with the market, metals and coins continue to grow in value.

Numismatic investment has been considered a profitable undertaking for centuries, with roots tracing back to the invention of currency itself. Even Caesar, Roman emperor and founder of the Roman Principate (beginning of the empire), may have been dealing in the trade of rare coins before the common era!

As this enterprise continues to grow, some traders may feel some reluctance about purchasing items of such value through smaller businesses. More often than not, small businesses do not have the capital to maintain large volumes of merchandise. They may also lack readily available information about their companies or products.

By reading this article you've already shown that you are a smart investor - always research diligently. Please, continue scrolling before deciding who to trust with your rare coin purchase. The right partnership can determine the amount of success you will achieve through this fruitful venture!

  • Products: Mint, Rare Coins, Bullion, Investment Advice
  • Owner: Matt LePosa
  • Rating: 3.5/5

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    About Elite Numismatics

    Elite Numismatics Review

    According to website hyperlinks on several sites, Elite Numismatics, which is "permanently closed," may be an old name for a new company, Elite Rare Coins. This is a company specializing in rare coins and bullion. Services offered include appraisals, collection purchases, as well as individual sales.

    Elite Rare Coins states that it is also an authorized seller of Germania Mint with over 30 years of industry experience. Located in Warren, Ohio, Elite Rare Coins invites customers to meet in person locally, but will travel when warranted. The company has nationwide contacts and boasts membership in both the American Numismatic Association as well as the Round Table Trading Group.

    Some discrepancies exist between the "two" companies, such as Elite Numismatics marking Hauppage, New York as its home. However, all research leads to the conclusion that these two companies are one and the same. In fact, Elite Numismatics may not have ever truly done business before this rebranding.


    Elite Numismatics Review

    Elite Rare Coins offers physical items for immediate investment and advising services for future investment planning.

    Germania Mint

    To begin, products created by Germania Mint seem to be lucrative and legitimate investment opportunities.

    In 1986, the company now called Germania Mint began as a small numismatics storefront in Poland. It now mostly focuses on production of its own unique brand. They now sell items through authorized and verified retailers (including Elite Rare Coins).

    Although they still sell coins and accessories for collectors, the main attraction is an assortment of silver cast bars. Offered in several sizes, these bars gain value both as chunks of precious metals and as unique collectables.

    Similarly, smaller bullion amounts are available as collectable coins with different designs in silver and in yellow gold. Especially in an age where very little money maintains backing by precious metals, these are a sure-fire way to make sure your net worth virtually never diminishes.

    Elite Numismatics Review


    For those new to numismatics, the term "bullion" refers to precious metals which are valued by weight rather than set coinage amounts. Elite Rare Coins deals in several types of bullion, to include:

    • Gold
    • Silver
    • Platinum
    • Palladium
    • Copper

    Rare Coins

    As you may have already inferred from the name, Elite Rare Coins buys and sells, well, rare coins. Samplings are pictured on their website and Facebook page, but prices are never listed. This is likely due to the fact that all trade occurs in person for the folks at Elite Rare Coins.

    They do display each item elegantly in collector cases with years of production, weight of coins, and other important information listed above the coin itself. Each casing also provides a barcode to enable simpler trading.

    Appraisal Services

    Elite Rare Coins claims to offer appraisal services based upon several years of experience in numismatics. In order to obtain an appraisal, potential clients should give them a call or drop a message online. Other than contact information, not much is shared about these services.


    Elite Numismatics Review

    Because all business transpires face-to-face, there is no need for delivery services. Rest assured that each item traded through Elite Rare Coins will be stored properly so as to retain its value.

    Resources for Investors

    Elite Rare Coins has contacts all over the United States and around the world due to their organizational memberships and participation in numismatic trading events. It is reasonable to assume that a plethora of knowledge combined with these contacts entirely encompasses the company's resources for investors.

    For beginning numismatists, even the simple resource of networking can be advantageous, so do not discount the value of this lone resource.

    Red Flags

    Elite Numismatics Review

    A quick internet search for Elite Numismatics turns up very few results. Some of these include an unmanaged Twitter account (with a link to eliterarecoins.com in its bio), a Facebook page with outdated posts, and profiles on a few numismatic websites.

    Almost every site includes a reference to Elite Rare Coins, but it is unclear whether this was done to intentionally mislead clients into trusting the brand.

    Despite some of these discrepancies, it truly seems that Mr. LePosa may have just needed a fresh start and changed the name of the company and website to serve this purpose.

    Pros & Cons of Elite Numismatics


    • Elite Rare Coins appears to be very involved in the community and has a strong social media presence.
    • Elite Rare Coins is one of a handful of U.S. retailers authorized by Germania Mint.
    • Matt is willing to travel to do business with you - as long as it's worthwhile!


    • There are very limited reviews available online for Elite Numismatics/Elite Rare Coins.
    • Business is ultimately only conducted in person.
    • Some disconnects exist between the company names which can be confusing and concerning.

    Elite Rare Coins (formerly Elite Numismatics) presents itself as a worthy business partner as long as you proceed with the same caution warranted by any large financial investment.

    Final Verdict

    Overall, Elite Rare Coins scores about three and a half out of five stars for several reasons.

    Because their dealings are limited to in-person operations and membership is maintained in legitimate organizations, Elite Rare Coins appears to be an authentic entity. Any reluctance for assigning more stars stems from the lack of available information and reviews on this company.

    They also don't acknowledge the previous business name other than through similar shared web links and emails on some websites which raises some red flags discussed earlier.

    If you do choose to complete business transactions with this company, it probably warrants some more digging to verify its authenticity.

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