Drockton Bullion Review

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You are probably in a place in life where you want to ensure your financial future is secure. You could have come across that investing in precious metals such as silver and gold can help you achieve that goal.

If you are a Utah resident or neighbor, Drockton Bullion might have pooped up among the best bullion investment company. Questions like, Is it the one to work with? What products do they deal with? what are previous clients of the company saying about their service? Are inevitable.

Below are details about Drocton Bullion to help shed more light on the company. They will also come in handy with helping you make an informed decision as you go about your precious metals investment.

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Paul A Drockton
  • Rating: 4.7/5

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    About Drockton Bullion

    Drockton Bullion Review

    Since 2008, Drockton Bullion has served Utah residents with excellent services in the precious metals business. The founder, Paul A Drockton, has vast experience in the industry, having been a precious metals dealer since 2008. They are located at 180 N University Ave Suite 270, Provo, Utah, United States.

    Many people have trusted him over the years when purchasing their silver and gold. His prices are also the best offer you are likely to find. The good prices and years of experience have earned Drockton the title of most trusted gold and silver dealer in Utah. They buy and sell:

    • American Eagle Gold and Silver Coins
    • Canadian Maple Gold and Silver Coins
    • Gold and Silver Bars & Rounds
    • Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars
    • 90% Junk Silver-1964 and earlier

    Unfortunately, Drockton Bullion does not sell or buy silver or gold jewelry, sterling silver or non-silver or gold coins, as they strictly specialize in pure gold and silver bullions, bars, and coins. It is also important to note that Drockton Bullion is a Utah specialist in Gold and Silver IRA rollover.

    Products Deal at Drockton Bullion

    Drockton Bullion Review

    Almost throughout the whole history of humanity, gold and silver have been accepted as legal tender. The constitution also states that only silver and gold should be accepted as so. Utah is among the states that accept silver and gold as legal tender hence why more people are getting into it for financial security.

    As mentioned earlier, Drockton Bullion and Coin deals specifically in Gold and Silver Bars and Coins Rounds. They buy and Sell :

    • American Gold EaglesAmerican Gold Eagles
    • Silver Eagles
    • Gold and Silver Maples
    • Gold and Silver Krugerrands
    • Philharmonics
    • Britannias
    • Kangaroos
    • Morgan and Peace Dollars
    • Junk Silver Coins
    •  Silver Halves
    • Quarters and Dimes

    Purchasing Policy

    Drockton Bullion Review

    The Covid-19 pandemic lockdown caused a shift in how business is handled at Drockton Bullion, limiting operations to the storefront. Everything is done via phone, text, email, or Zoom. To schedule a private appointment and receive a quote on purchasing or selling gold and silver, one has to speak to their financial advisor via a number provided on their official website.

    For the gold and silver purchases at Drockton Bullion, the following policy is observed:

    • A Minimum Order worth $1000.
    • They offer free shipping on all their orders.
    • They offer multiple ways to Pay, including E-Checks, Bitcoin, and Bank wire.
    • They lock Prices when the funds are received.
    • All their Orders are Shipped while Fully Insured in case of unforeseen issues during the shipping process.

    Remember that selling currency and coins accepted as legal tender in any nation is excluded from sales taxes. Any purchase of bars, nuggets, or bullion that is at least 50% pure is not considered a currency, hence must be taxed.

    However, pure gold and silver coins are regarded as legal money and hence are exempt from taxation, so you might want to consider purchasing from Drockton Bullion & Coin Ltd, where quality is assured. Please use their website to make an appointment with them for a free quote on buying or selling.

    Features of Drockton

    • They have been in business since 2008.
    • The company only deals with Gold and Silver Bars, Coins Rounds.
    • They are Utah specialists in IRA rollover.
    • Every ounce of gold and silver they sell has been certified and put through tests to ensure that it is authentic.
    • They have access to Gold and Silver Nationwide; hence you don't have to deal with local shortages.
    • They acquire their products from government mints, depositories, and private sellers.

    Pros & Cons of Drockton Bullion


    • They accept several means of payment, including bitcoin, wire transfers, and e-checks.
    • All their products are authentic.
    • They offer the best prices.
    • They do not suffer local shortages due to their nationwide access to products.
    • They offer free delivery on all orders.
    • The shipment is insured.


    • They do not deal with jewelry, only bars, coins, and rounds.
    • You have to book an appointment for a one-on-one service.

    Final Verdict

    We advise you to invest in precious metals as a way to secure your financial future. Drockton Bullion, a Utah-based company, is a great spot to consider. They have many positive reviews online, and their rating is quite impressive.

    That, and the many years in the precious metals industry, speak for the kind of service they offer their clients. We, however, still advocate for due diligence and more research to ensure you settle on a company that suits all your investment needs.

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