Brigandi Coin Company Review

Brigandi Coin Company Review

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Brigandi Coins is the nation's preeminent dealer of rare coins, gold and silver bullion, and currency. We are trusted and respected by generations of collectors, investors, and treasure hunters. Want to know what some of the best coins they have to offer? Check out our list here.

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    About Brigandi Coin Company

    Brigandi Coin Company Review

    The 1909-S VDB Lincoln Penny

    This coin is not only a beautiful piece of history created in just a year but has also risen in value over the past few years. It is now worth at least $45 in uncirculated condition, having not traded below $50 since WWII.

    The 2006-D American Silver Eagle

    If you want proof of the growing demand for precious metals, the 2006-D Silver Eagle should be an excellent start to your coin collection. Despite numerous challenges with the rising price of silver, investors have continued to put their money into this coin because it seems to be one of the most popular right now.

    1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar

    This key date coin is a classic investment piece that has been on the market for more than 200 years and still seems to rise in value yearly. It is a great coin to invest in if you want something sure to appreciate over time. As one of the cheapest silver coins out there, you can start with this one and build up a collection slowly as you go.

    Brigandi Coin Company Review

    The 1856-S Morgan Silver Dollar

    This coin was initially minted in 1856 and is the most popular silver dollar coin in U.S. history, with a value that still seems never to end. Suppose you're looking for an "investment" piece rather than a collector's item. In that case, this is a great option to start with as it is not only popular but also has experienced stable increases in its value over the years.

    The 2008-W Silver Eagle

    This coin is a great way to get started in silver investments, with a single piece containing one ounce of silver. It is an investment piece that you can be sure will appreciate as it has already appreciated by 15% over just two years.

    The 1986 Reagan Silver Dollar

    This coin is a great way to invest in precious metals with something that has already increased in value yet still seems to keep going up. It is a great way to start investing with something that is already one of the most valuable coins on the market.

    The 1870-CC Seated Liberty Dollar

    This coin is a popular piece that has already been appreciated by over 300% since it was minted while remaining reasonably affordable. It is a popular coin among collectors and investors and usually sells out quickly when released by the U.S. Mint each year.

    Pros & Cons of Brigandi Coin Company


    • The coins produced and sold by Brigandi Coins are certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation and are guaranteed to be authentic. It can give potential customers peace of mind knowing that an independent company has verified these coins, so they don't have to worry about having their money stolen from fake or counterfeit coins.
    • Rare and collectible coin pieces are hard to come by, so Brigandi Coins gives customers the chance to get their hands on some of the most valuable coins on the market. It allows collectors to collect something they can cherish long after purchasing it.
    • Some of the coins offered by Brigandi Coins are part of a limited edition set so that customers can own a unique piece of history. With rare coins becoming increasingly valuable in the past decade, many customers have started to invest in them as a compelling way to build their wealth.
    • Brigandi Coins allows customers to make great returns on their investments in rare coins. As the prices of rare coins have risen, the amounts that customers can earn by selling them have also increased. It lets customers quickly make more money on their coin investments.
    • Although most people are not experts on how to identify coins, Brigandi Coins gives customers the chance to become collectors themselves through this company's assistance. They offer rare coins with various denominations, allowing investors to find the specific coins they are looking for, regardless of their knowledge level on investing.


    • The company has only been in existence for a short period, giving it less experience than many other companies. It is a big con as it may take them some time to adapt to changes in the market and how customers want to purchase coins.
    • Some of the rare coins offered by Brigandi Coins are not certified, making it more difficult for investors to determine whether or not they are purchasing the correct pieces.
    • The rarest and most valuable coins Brigandi Coins offers can be hard to get a hold of, as they tend to sell out quite quickly each year.

    Final Verdict

    The rare coin market has been seen as a very lucrative investment, leading many investors to consider using it. Brigandi Coins is where customers can purchase rare coins in one convenient location and have the peace of mind that they are receiving authentic pieces. As the company continues to grow and become more experienced, it could be worth looking into as an investment company.

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