Boston Bullion Review

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Boston Bullion is an online bullion retailer based in Boston, MA, USA. They have been in the precious metals industry for over 30 years and have always strived to deliver the best products and customer service at reasonable prices. Their expertise has been recognized by various media outlets, including Forbes magazine.

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Important Details About This Company:

  • Over 1,000+ 5 star ratings online
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  • AAA customer rated
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • 5x Inc 500 winner
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    About Boston Bullion

    Boston Bullion Review

    Product Type

    Their bullion products are selected from various precious metals and offer great value, quality, and service. The bullion range includes bars and coins, selling letter boxes, rollers, and belt buckles.


    David S. Bernstein is the owner of Boston Bullion. Mr. Bernstein started his career in investment banking for Merrill Lynch & Co., where he received his MBA from Columbia Business School. He then joined Merrill Lynch as the manager of a division focused on the precious metals industry, which included private buying and selling gold and silver, Gold Genuine, Ltd. In 1986, he sold this division to focus on precious metals exclusively with Boston Bullion, Inc.


    The company currently has a score of 3.7 out of 5 stars based on its ratings from more than 30,000 reviews from customers all over the world.

    Boston Bullion Review

    Their Website

    Boston Bullion's leading site details its history, products, and prices for everything you need to know about its bullion products. Includes testimonials and gift ideas for anyone looking to buy or contribute to a loved one.

    Consulting Service

    This consulting service lets you fill out their consultation form if you need help or advice with your precious metals portfolio. The Boston Bullion team will respond by email within 48 hours. This consultation is for US residents and may not be available on all products.

    Pricing Information for This Bullion Product

    Reviews about the silver maple leaf 1 oz silver coin. The price point of the coin is key to a prospective buyer's decision to buy or not because this will determine how much they are willing to pay for it. This review gives an overview of the pricing information on the company's website and what kind of images they provide with the product.

    Boston Bullion Review

    Payment Options

    Payment options are split into two parts, and their choice of a payment method will depend on whether they have a credit card or not. This can also be seen as an indication of their trust in their customers.

    They offer an "in-house" option whereby you can pay by check, money order, or wire transfer. An additional payment choice is to pay by credit card for both "personal" and "business" accounts. If you would like to know the specific type of payment accepted for your account, send them an email with the email address associated with your account from here.


    The company has 14 warehouses, with all its products shipped from its Main warehouse. Their independent warehouse is based in Massachusetts, USA, and other hubs are located in New York, Chicago and Vancouver. You will have to add the shipping cost for all products, which is currently $13 for domestic and $19 for international shipments. The shipping time varies depending on your purchase, but it usually takes 3-5 days to reach your door.

    Pros & Cons of Boston Bullion


    • The company commits to purchasing the value of products from customers even if the price declines. This is a good incentive for customers because it encourages them to continue buying from the company.
    • The bullion products are authentic and high-quality products. The company carries some of the best gold, silver, and platinum products, such as their gold and silver bullion coins or bars that they import directly from refiners such as Noble, Pamp, and Argor Heraeus.
    • They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their business products so that you can be sure that you will get your money back if you were not satisfied with any business product purchased via the Boston Bullion website (excluding gift cards).
    • The most exciting feature of this company is the free storage program where you can store precious metals and bullion coins in their vault free of charge. Not many other companies provide this, so it's a nice incentive to buy from them.
    • You can even choose to help charities when you purchase from this company by providing information on your charity of choice as well as donating 10% of your order value to the charity you are supporting with each purchase.
    • You also have a choice when you want to sell your precious metals back to the company, and they pay top dollar for your products allowing you to get a great deal while still keeping some of your hard-earned money.
    • They are based in Boston and have branches in New York, Chicago, and Vancouver, so you can easily buy products like gold and silver bars or coins that you need, even in these places if they are not closer to where you live.


    • There are no discounts for bulk purchases, meaning it costs the same if you buy a 1 oz or 10 oz bar or coin. The only ones that make you save money by buying in bulk are the gold and silver bullion bars, but they are still not very good deals if you don't want to pay bitcoin fees.
    • You have to pay by cash or wire transfer to purchase your gold or silver bars which can be a problem because most people will not have this type of money lying around at home ready to use when they buy their precious metals.
    • The company does not offer special deals like buying a bar and getting a coin for free, which can indicate unhappiness with the company. Unless you purchase these products in bulk, you will hardly be saving any extra money because the deals they offer don't seem very good.
    • They have a policy where they will not pay refunds to customers who have accidentally sent the wrong product part with their orders; instead, they will offer half of the value as a gift card or store credit. This is yet another disappointment because most other companies will refund you for the total value of your order, whether or not it was an accident on your part.
    • They have a lot of legal issues because their customers are constantly using them for products that are not authentic, and they don’t refund the customer’s money when they do not receive authentic products.
    • When you buy online, if you are shipping to New York, there will be an additional $25 shipping fee on top of the $13 shipping fee, which is another disadvantage compared to other local gold dealers in these areas.

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