Belmont Coin Shop Review

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Belmont coin shop is a family-owned and operated business that has been in the exact location for over 40 years. They offer an excellent selection of coins and paper money from worldwide.

The store offers a friendly environment with low prices. You can buy various numismatic items, including rare coins, high-grade banknotes, paper money, bullion, silver dollars, quarters, halves, and British pound notes.

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    About Belmont Coin Shop

    Belmont Coin Shop Review

    Product Type

    Their selection of coins includes British pennies, pre-decimal English and Welsh farthings, Carolingian deniers, and Byzantine coinage from the 7th century AD. They also sell rare Canadian pennies from 1858 to 2012 and silver dollars from Mexico, Germany, Austria, and more.

    Belmont Coin also carries a variety of high-quality certified and graded coins, including but not limited to:

    This technology has been used for coin grading since the 19th century. It involves taking a picture of the coin and then grading it by comparing it with similar images.

    Belmont Coin offers paper money from all around the world. Some of their most popular bills include: This technology has been used for grading currency since the 1960s. It involves examining one side of a bill under ultraviolet light and then determining its condition based on specific characteristics visible to special equipment.

    Who Owns the Belmont Coin Shop?

    Belmont Coin's current owner is Michael S. Belmont, who has owned and operated the business for almost 14 years. He has collected coins and currency for over 45 years and continues to collect them today. He specializes in coins from ancient Greece, Rome, Venice, England, and Great Britain. He also collects old banknotes from worldwide that were produced after World War II.


    Eighteen customers have reviewed Belmont Coin Shop with a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

    Business hours are 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, and 9 am to 4 pm Saturday.

    Belmont Coin Shop offers FREE SHIPPING on all purchases over $2000 if they ship within the United States. They offer various payment options: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Etsy gift cards, and wire transfers.

    Belmont Coin Shop Review


    Belmont Coin Shop offers the following services; Certified US coins, Rare US coins, Rare Canadian coins, Proof US coins, PCGS/P certification, PCGS/P authentication and grading, PCGS/P authentication and grading for numismatic investment purposes.

    Belmont coin shop wishes list. Belmont Coin Shop sells various products, including but not limited to Numismatic items. Additional items include:

    • Certified & Unlimited Issue Coins (pre-1898).
    • Certified & Unlimited Issue US coins (post-1898).
    • Rare & Unlimited Issue US coins (pre-1898).
    • Rare & Limited Issue US coins (post-1898).
    • US Coins of the 20th century.
    • Certified & Unlimited issue Canadian coins.
    • Canadian coins of the 20th century.
    • Certified & Unlimited Issue Canadian coins (pre-1858).
    • Canadian banknotes: paper currency, British pound notes, and others.
    • Rare Canadian banknotes (pre-1950).
    • Certified & Unlimited Issue World coins (pre-1898).
    • Rare & Limited Issue World coins (post-1957).
    • World bank notes of the 20th century.
    • Medal Collecting.


    Belmont Coin Shop competes against other coin shops in the region. They have several branches throughout the United States, including:

    Belmont Coin Shop has a great staff of individuals who work hard to meet and exceed their customers' expectations each day.

    Belmont Coin Shop has been featured as a business in Woman World Magazine. This was just one of many ways they had been featured in the last few years. They were also listed on numismatic news.

    Belmont Coin Shop Review


    Belmont Coin Shop has committed to its customers to continue offering the highest quality coins, currency, and other numismatic items. They intend to offer a broad spectrum of services, including Numismatic investments, certified coins, rare coins, and high-quality bullion.

    Who wants this information?

    People are interested in buying coins or paper money at discounted prices in a comfortable atmosphere.


    It will cost you $3 to enter the store if you are not buying anything. They offer rare coins and currency at low prices, so that it might be worth the experience!

    Services Offered

    Services offered by Belmont Coin include selling coin collecting supplies, numismatic books, graded coins, rare uncertified coins, paper money, and more.

    They are open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EDT and Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm EDT.

    Pros & Cons of Belmont Coin Shop


    • Great staff.
    • Great prices.
    • Very Friendly staff.
    • Certified appraisals.
    • Certified coins offer great investments.
    • Great location.
    • Works with other numismatic firms.


    • No wheelchair access.
    • Does not have currency grading machines.

    What Is an Example of a Recent News Article About Belmont Coin Shop?

    "The New York Times" recently did a small piece on Michael S. Belmont, the owner of the coin shop located in New York City, that talked about how he had been buying and selling rare coins for nearly 45 years and how he has continued to do so at the shop today.

    • High-quality products and services.
    • Small selection of currency and coins, only a few hundred different items. The proof of reputation you would receive from this business before you buy excellent reputation for clients' satisfaction with coins and paper money, as well as their quality.
    • Fast shipping and handling, as customers always value this.
    • Products that are reasonably priced.
    • Free shipping on purchases over $2000.
    • Many different items are available in their store.
    • Great variety of coins, currency, and banknotes to choose from.

    It might take a while to find the item you want when browsing the store if it isn't immediately apparent what you need.

    Belmont Coin Shop is great for buying and selling coins, currency, and banknotes. They have a wide variety of rare items but also have some more common items as well. The staff is friendly and helpful and will assist you in every way possible.

    All negatives aside, customers are delighted with this store's service, according to the many reviews they have received online.

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