Barrick Gold Review

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Are you wondering how you can secure your financial future through precious metals such as Gold? In today's life, there is a lot of financial uncertainty, and critical global market clashes have existed, the latest being the Covid 19 Pandemic. Numerous people have turned to secure precious metals like gold and copper since they perform excellently in economic turbulence.

Precious metals will ensure you are more stable without worrying about the economy's state, but there are other ways to benefit from the metals apart from buying them. You can purchase shares from mining corporations that generate profits based on the metals' market value. Barrick Gold consists of shares available on the stock market; the following review will take you through a comprehensive understanding of it, and you will determine whether it's worth your money.

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Peter Munk
  • Rating: 4.1/5

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    Who Is the Master Mind Of Barrick Gold?

    Peter Munk is the brain behind the Barrick Gold Company, which began as Barrick Petroleum which he invested in the oil sector. After a short while, he realized that his investment in the oil sector was disastrous and turned into the gold market; his plans didn't go through as expected, but he didn't give up on his dream. Munk later invested in the world's prime gold mining firm in Canada, and even after he died in 2018, Barrick Gold has retained a high reputation in the mining industry.

    What Is the Company About?

    Barrick Gold Review

    Barrick Gold is amongst the top gold producers globally and runs exploration, mines, and other projects in 13 countries: Africa, North and South America, Saudi Arabia, and Papua New Guinea. Additionally, the business is a copper producer from Zaldivar and Lumwana mines and has other interests like the nickel development project in Africa and a copper-gold project in Pakistan. The general aim of the company is to derive gold and copper from mining sites; then, it's sold to the market and refined into jewelry and coins, among other precious items.

    Barrick Gold's production capacity has significantly improved over the years and created numerous job opportunities. Just by 2020, the company had produced 4.8 ounces of gold and up to 457 million copper pounds, and within the same year, the shares increased by 125%and the NSE rose by 23%. The company has gone to produce more and more within the past years, and even during the challenging economic times, it has thrived because it's among the safest investments globally.

    Barrick Gold is linked to good leadership, with Mark Bristow being the Chief Executive Officer and was a significant figure when the company partnered with Randgold Resources. So many people have admired him because he plays an essential role in developing sustainable mining of precious metals in Africa. Bristow ensures that the company produces gold and copper while offering fair prices and is passionate about environmentally-friendly substitutions.

    The reputable company has solid and admirable corporate governance anchored on a sustainability plan in Africa. While Barrick Gold conducts its business maneuvers, it acknowledges the essence of incorporating environmental, economic, and social contemplations into sustainability. The company's sustainability vision is to exploit natural resources while minimizing environmental effects and has four key pillars such as:

    • Minimalizing the mine's environmental impact.
    • It provides safety and health benefits.
    • It creates economic reimbursements.
    • Respect for human rights.

    Some companies focus on producing copper mines placed in the top spots to produce silver, gold, and copper prices, but Barrick Gold offers more. The company contributes to the social and economic growth of the country holding its mining and has policies to invest in jointly responsible business associates. As much as the company engages in mine growth, it also assists local job seekers by hiring them when there are vacancies and utilizing local materials.

    Generally, Barrick Gold's policies assist in creating and increasing job opportunities, protecting the environment, and injecting massive and substantive capital inflows. In 2020, the company had a massive economic contribution across 13 countries with up to $8. 4 billion. The finances were used to pay employees, suppliers, and governments.

    The Sites of the Barrick Gold Mines

    Barrick Gold Review

    In the past, Barrick Gold has operated sites that have been vacated with three mines in the US, three in Australia, one in Peru, and another in Tanzania. Presently Barrick Gold company is distributed in various continents as follows:

    • 100% of the gold mining operations in Hemlo in Canada and Tanzania are at Buzwagi, Bulyanhulu, and North Mara.
    • There is over 50% operation in gold mines in Nevada, US, Veladero, in Argentina, Tongon in Ivory Coast, Loulo-Gounkoto, Mali, and Pueblo Viejo, Dominican Republic.
    • The company has over 45% of the shares in the Kibali Gold Mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
    • Barrick Gold has a 47.5% share in the Porgera Gold Mine in Papua New Guinea.
    • It has 50% ownership in Zaldivar, Chile, and Jabal Sayid in Saudi Arabia, binding sites for copper mining operations.
    • The company has 100% copper mining operations in Lumwana in Zambia mines.

    Why Choose Gold?

    Do you know why the most successful investors have opted to invest in gold? It is because gold is among the most stable assists compared to high-risk stocks and can defend you from inflation. It has been marketed as among the most precious metals for numerous centuries. However, the gold price fluctuates depending on the demand and supply, but a company such as Barrick Gold extracts massive gold daily, ensuring a steady supply of gold.

    The study shows that there isn't a threat of an abrupt influx of gold in the market, and the mining operations are few compared to the gold quantity available. Additionally, the gold is traded in the open market, and there's far more dust in people's closets. However, the dollar fluctuates since the more dollar bills the Federal Reserve prints, the dollar worth reduces.

    For instance, for those who earned a dollar from a job in the 1960s, the same dollars' worth has decreased by a 1/8th today, leading to the gold's price rising to match inflation. The unstable economic times have caused an improvement in the demand for gold. Most individuals desire to secure their assets with something steady that won't depreciate; the more they are willing to pay, the higher the price.

    Is the Company Worth Your Money?

    Barrick Gold Review

    So many individuals consider Barrick Gold a top place to begin a career, and working there, they can meet professionals with distinct backgrounds, such as geologists, doctors, and finance officers. The company is known for providing work-life balance, a quality not every company offers, and has numerous benefits and salaries, especially for people who desire to work smart and prove their skills. Barrick Gold additionally provides the probability of generating more income from performance-based merit promotions.

    There are companies you will find that provide good financial benefits but have a poor work environment that limits production, but it's not the case with the Barrick Gold company. It concentrates on ensuring a safe environment for all the workers who will reveal strong work ethics and engagement in proficient habits. Moreover, the company has initiated a teamwork culture to enhance good correlations between the workers, thus promoting better and improved results.

    At Barrick Gold, workers may be required to think outside the box or team up to solve particular issues, and that's why it has provided a fast-paced working environment that boosts invention and creativity. The company encourages divergent thinking and innovative resolutions but prioritizes the safety of the workers and adheres to the World Health Organization's (WHO) rules to ensure the safety of employees. It has fewer accidents since it utilizes safeguards to confirm that workers in the mines are at no risk since the mines are dangerous and need people to control intricate machinery and cars.

    Though the majority of the former employees at Barrick Gold reveal positive feedback, there is some negativity from others who claim that they worked for extended periods and that the work-life balance was intolerable. However, this should not hinder you from investing with the company because experiences are different, then weigh the merits and the drawbacks before making an ultimate decision.

    Pros & Cons of Barrick Gold


    Below are the numerous advantages associated with the Barrick Gold Company which make it appealing to the eyes of investors:

    • The Company Is Proficient In Maintaining All-In Sustaining Costs (AISC)- Barrick Gold can keep AISC per ounce of produced gold at a minimum, equating to high profits and delivering optimum shareholding value. AISC accounts for capital expenses, cost of production, and overall administrative prices.
    • It Has An Operational Scale- Barrick Gold is continuously boosting its operational activities and merging with Potential clients. It uses distinct strategies to develop, thus increasing production and making it a top choice for investors.
    • The Company Produces High Ore Grades-Barrick Gold has access to advanced equipment and resources to handle top-quality mines. High-quality gold ore is easier to extract from the ground since less ore is required to be dug, and luckily the company is well known for its outstanding production of quality mines.
    • Barrick Gold Is Strategically Located- the company is situated in low geopolitical threat countries, including DRC, Saudi Arabia, Chile, and Tanzania. Therefore, there are reduced chances that the company's operations will be interfered with.
    • It Is In An Excellent Financial Position. Barrick Gold is among the most stable and robust companies which can organize its resources to expound on its exploration or purchase modern tools; thus, it's a top investment alternative for any investor.
    • Barrick Gold's Employee Base Is Commendable-it has almost 20,000 employees and thus can be considered a large company with a professional workforce, able to deliver projects on time, and very reliable.


    Barrick Gold has numerous advantages and disadvantages you should know, especially if you are an investor who needs to make a significant financial investment. The cons are as follows:

    • The Prices Are Sometimes Volatile, Making The Company Unstable; though often an individual will make profits if the prices slump, they experience losses. But remember, before investing, become aware of the threats to enable you to decide rightly.
    • Barrick Gold Is Affected By Tight Government Rules- the company operates in numerous countries. It is sometimes regulated by government agencies that hinder the smooth engagement of workers in their exploration actions.
    • It Causes Environmental Damage- most mining companies are associated with polluting the environment, and Barrick Gold isn't an exception. The company is claimed to leave mercury and cyanide elements harmful to human health, thus seeming to be an irresponsible company that doesn't control the safety of its mining areas.
    • There Have Been Bribe Allegations Concerning The Company in 2014 by an anonymous person who claimed that Barrack Gold bribed the Tanzanian government for its financial interests. The company tried and managed to clear its history, but it is an essential factor that may influence your choice.

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