American Rare Coin and Bullion

American Rare Coin and Bullion Review

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Coins have been a part of the human experience since time immemorial. In recent years, the study of coins has grown steadily. Investing in coins has become a popular hobby for many people. Gold, silver, bullion, and other precious metals are becoming more popular as a form of wealth. These are all valuable assets that can track the value of currencies and economies.

Investing in American coins is a unique opportunity for investors looking to add value to their investment portfolios. There are many amazing types of American coins that can be sold and purchased, including old and new coins from the U.S. Mints in Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco and West Point. Coins are also used in our everyday lives. You can pay your bills with coins, use them as piggy banks, and even collect them as a hobby. American Rare Coin and Bullion is a trusted dealer in rare coins, bullion and precious metals.

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    About American Rare Coin and Bullion

    American Rare Coin and Bullion


    Their gold series includes American Eagles, Buffalo gold coins, and other gold and silver bullion. Their silver series includes American Silver Eagle coins, Mercury dimes and quarters. Their platinum series includes American Platinum Eagle coins, platinum bars and other platinum bullion. Their rare coins include Proof Gold Eagles, Proof Platinum Eagles and Proof Silver Eagles.

    They also provide a variety of collectible coins such as Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars Canada’s Maple Leaf coins, Mexican & South African Quarters, Lincoln Cents, Austrian Philharmonics, Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle gold dollars, Australia’s Lunar Series II $1 Coins, New Zealand $2 Coins, Austria’s Philharmonics, South African Krugerrands, Chinese, Russian & Irish Gold Dragons and many more.

    Bullion products include American Eagle gold and silver bullion coins, Canadian Maple Leaf gold and silver bullion coins, Australian Kangaroos gold and silver bullion coins, Chinese Pandas gold and silver bullion coins, Russian Gold & Silver Roubles, Russian Gold & Silver Rubles and other precious metals. Their inventory is always growing.


    The company has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and on CNN Money. Their products have also been featured in “The Silver Report”, and in “The Gold Report”. They have also been recognized for their service by the Better Business Bureau. The American Numismatic Association has given them the “A” rating.


    American Rare Coin and Bullion offers an amazing variety of jewelry options for sale. They offer both costume jewelry and fine jewelry. They have a selection of diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald and pearl bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings.

    Their fine jewelry includes silver rings, diamond necklaces, pendants and antique pieces made from gold or platinum. They have jewelry boxes in unique styles such as antique, wooden, and modern. They also offer a wide selection of watches such as Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Breitling, Hamilton, Patek Philippe and more.

    American Rare Coin and Bullion


    They have a breathtaking selection of paintings, sculpture, and photography. Their artworks include oil paintings, watercolors, acrylics, and mixed media. The paintings are in Abstract Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism with Contemporary Influence, Abstract Expressionism with Realistic Influence, Realistic Impressionism and Impressionism.

    The artworks include oil paintings by John Singer Sargent such as “Portrait of Mrs. Charles W. Morse” and “At the Piano” by William Merritt Chase such as “Eleanor’s Birthday Gift” and “Young Girl in Red Dress”. The sculptures include pieces by Alexander Calder such as “Two Women at Sea” and Henri Gaudier-Brzeska such as "Man on Horseback". The photography includes photographs by Barbara Morgan such as “The Flapper Girl” and by Richard Avedon such as "Portrait of Myself".

    Marketing and Sales

    Social media has been a great way for them to reach out to customers. They have a Facebook page, Twitter account, and YouTube channel. These channels have been used to post promotional videos and links to their website. The main Facebook page has nearly 6000 followers, while their Twitter account has over 2000 followers. Their YouTube channel has over 350 subscribers. They also have a blog updated regularly with information about new products, sales, and other topics of interest.


    Their main philanthropic efforts are donating coins to local charities and organizations. They have donated coins to several non-profit organizations including Eastern Pennsylvania Miners’ Memorial, The Salvation Army, The Homeless Veterans Foundation, St. Vincent de Paul Society, the United States Mint, and the World Wildlife Fund.

    Safe Storage

    The company offers safe storage services for their customers. They store the coins in a vault in a secure and safe location. The coins are stored in plastic bags and packaged to protect them from damage during transit. The bags are then placed into the vault by hand for maximum security.

    They use an electronic keypad to open the vault to retrieve the bags of coins. The keypad is on a wall inside the vault. It can only be accessed by employees with access codes. They also have an alarm system that will sound if anyone tries to tamper with the coins or if there is any other problem with the vault.

    Trading Platform

    They offer a trading platform that allows you to buy and sell your products immediately after purchase at market prices without waiting for delivery time or paying any additional fees and commissions. There is no need to visit their store.

    Customers can use the platform to buy and sell their coins, gold and silver bullion, or other products. Customers can trade with other customers in the same country or even internationally. The platform also allows users to see the current price of all of the coins they are trading in comparison to each other. Prices are updated every minute.

    American Rare Coin and Bullion


    American Rare Coin and Bullion is a professional grading service. They grade each coin to the highest standards before selling it. They use the PCGS, NGC and ICG grading services. The PCGS is one of the most well-respected grading services in the world. It is an independent organization that provides a third-party seal of approval to ensure that every coin is accurately graded and evaluated.

    The NGC is another well-known grading service that provides third-party authentication for every coin. Both of these services have been around for more than 100 years. The Independent Coin Grading Service is a new company recently established to provide authentication for some coins and bullion products.


    American Rare Coin and Bullion offers free shipping on all orders over $99 regardless of the quantity or size of the coins or bullion. You can expect to receive your items within 2-3 business days after the order is processed. If you want to pay extra for faster shipping, you can select UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail.

    All their products are guaranteed to be authentic and come with a lifetime warranty. If you are unsatisfied with the quality of your coins or bullion, you can return them to the store for a full refund. The company uses only the most secure and reliable shipping services to ensure that your coins or bullion are delivered safely.

    Final Verdict

    There is a bright market for numismatic coins and bullion. If you are not familiar with how coins are graded, you might be missing out on some good opportunities to invest in them. American Rare Coin and Bullion is a great way to learn more about the fascinating world of coins. If you are interested in buying coins or bullion, visit their website or store right now.

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