AMark Precious Metals Review

AMark Precious Metals Review

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AMark Precious Metals Review is a company that has been in the industry for more than five years. They are one of the few companies with an extraordinary understanding and knowledge of precious metals. This is one of the leading companies in the industry known for its high-quality products. AMark Precious Metals Review has an award-winning reputation.

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Important Details About This Company:

  • Over 1,000+ 5 star ratings online
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  • AAA customer rated
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • 5x Inc 500 winner
  • 2021 company of the year

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    About AMark Precious Metals

    AMark Precious Metals Review

    Product Type

    The company has a wide range of products to offer its clients. Their main products are silver bars and coins. The first step for beginner investors interested in precious metals is to start by purchasing copper bullion. Copper bullion is very popular among beginners because it is easy to trade. They also have a significant price difference between silver bars and coins. The products of AMark Precious Metals Review are genuine and authentic.


    The owner of AMark Precious Metals Review is Michael Munoz. Mr. Munoz discovered his passion for precious metals when he was young. He founded the company in the year 2010. Since then, he has built an excellent reputation in the industry by providing high-quality products to his clients. He works closely with other well-known precious metals dealers, enabling him to learn more about the world of precious metals.

    AMark Precious Metals Review


    The company was rated five out of five stars by those who have had the chance to purchase their products. They have a high level of quality, and they are very convenient to trade with and store. When it comes to the pricing, they are very affordable. Many positive comments were made about the company on forums where people share information about precious metals.


    AMark Precious Metals Review has a good shipping policy that enables its clients to get their products on time. The company uses UPS for all shipments and secure packaging for every product. This makes it very hard for any theft attempts in transit to happen.

    Payment Methods

    AMark Precious Metals Review accepts a wide range of payment methods. The significant advantage this company offers its clients is the convenience of making a payment. Their clients can use their credit cards to make payments at any time of the day. They also have an online payment facility that will enable clients to make payments from any part of the world with just a few clicks.

    AMark Precious Metals Review


    The services offered by AMark Precious Metals Review are to guide their clients in the purchasing process. They offer their clients a lot of knowledge of the precious metals market. This helps them to be able to make informed decisions when it comes to trading and purchasing precious metals. They also offer safe storage of precious metals if clients cannot keep them home.


    The company has a great website that is easy to navigate. Its simplicity is the main reason for its success amongst clients. The site displays many images and information about their precious metals products. This makes it very easy for new clients to see what the products look like and what they will get when purchasing them from AMark Precious Metals Review.

    Number of Employees

    The number of employees in AMark Precious Metals Review is just a handful. This has been the case since the company was founded because Mr. Munoz believes in having a small company that is very efficient and effective. This has enabled him to create great systems and processes that are easy to implement. He also does not need to hire a large number of staff members.

    AMark Precious Metals Review


    The valuation of AMark Precious Metals Review is USD 570,000. This valuation is not very high compared to other companies of the same size and scale. The valuation is so low because the company has only been in operation for a few years, and there are still many years left before they need to make a significant amount of sales.


    AMark Precious Metals Review's profitability is excellent compared to other companies cited in this review. The company has a good profit margin of 21%. The reason for such high profitability is that just two employees are working at their headquarters. The employees are Mr. Munoz and Ms. Ursula Gunn, the office manager. The company's significant growth rate is expected to continue because of its high-quality products.

    Social Media

    AMark Precious Metals Review has a massive presence on social media. The company is constantly posting information on its social media pages. They primarily focus on the important news in the precious metals industry.


    The investment that AMark Precious Metals Review offers their clients is to make small investments at a time. This way, clients will always have some precious metals in the market, which is very useful when there is any danger of a crisis. The company also has an excellent rate of return on investment that encourages investors to purchase their products.

    Pros & Cons of AMark Precious Metals


    • The company's very efficient system enables clients to make purchases on time regardless of where they are worldwide. This is done using an online payment method or their credit card facility, depending on which client is making their purchase.
    • The company is very transparent about its products and the market conditions. This helps their clients make informed decisions when purchasing precious metals from AMark Precious Metals Review or any other company.
    • Numerous comments have been made about AMark Precious Metals Review on various forums where people share information about precious metals. The company has received a lot of positive comments from customers that have purchased its products. This shows their clients are delighted with the products and the company’s services.
    • The company has an excellent customer service team who works hard throughout the day to answer any questions and queries of their clients as soon as possible so they can get them out of any potential problems.
    • The company’s modern and clean design is a great bonus for any company that wants to enhance its visibility. This makes it easier for people to grasp what the company does, what its products are, and how one will be able to purchase them from the site.
    • The company's very efficient system that allows clients to make payments quickly enables them to increase their profits over time because more money is coming into the business when clients start making larger purchases.
    • The company gives detailed instructions on how to make purchases on their site. Its simplicity makes it easy for clients to be able to make informed and correct decisions when it comes to buying precious metals from AMark Precious Metals Review.
    • The company also ensures its clients get the best prices in selling and buying precious metals. This is because they only sell precious metals by the troy ounce. No other size bonuses are added to the pre-purchased coins, bars, and rounds from AMark Precious Metals Review.
    • The company has a solid following regarding its social media pages which shows its outstanding growth in popularity over time. This makes it easy for people to share their comments and experiences with others who may want to engage with them.
    • The company holds regular sales where they sell some of the products at reduced prices, ensuring they can still profit from these sales without them being too much of a burden on their profits which could lower the price they charge clients in the future.
    • The company also provides clients with daily updates on the market status of precious metals. For example, if another country has a potential threat to the precious metals industry, they will be one of the first to know about it so they can act quickly to avoid losses.
    • The company also provides clients with acceptable delivery times on the precious metals they purchase. This makes it easy for clients to get their precious metals when needed as they do not have to wait too long before they are delivered.
    • The company also has a robust rating system that allows clients to make informed decisions when purchasing their gold coins and bars. This is one of the reasons why clients trust the company and keep coming back for more.
    • The company offers clients a very safe environment to make purchases of precious metals. This is because they follow all the regulations put in place by the authorities where their company is based.


    • No insurance: No insurance facility is in place for purchasing precious metals from this company. Therefore, clients should ensure they purchase their precious metals from a trusted source to be confident that they will get their products and receive them in a suitable condition.
    • Fraud threats: There is always a potential threat of scams when purchasing precious metals online. Clients should be careful when paying for the metals they want to purchase from the company. They should never be too eager to purchase their coins and bars without verifying where the company is based and how they conduct their business. This is because many scammers online are out to capture personal information and money from unsuspecting people who do not know how precious metals work.
    • Shipping costs are too high: A Mark Precious Metals Review should significantly reduce shipping costs. Most of the time, they get more profit from their shipping cost than the actual selling of products. They should also ensure that they ship their products whenever customers try to place an order, as most of the time, buyers are left waiting for days before they get a confirmation that their orders have been shipped.
    • Downtime and response delays: There is a chance of the site being down on weekends and holidays. This is because there might not be enough staff at work during these two days to make sure the site is updated constantly.
    • Little Guarantee: The company does not offer any warranty to its clients. For example, if a client purchases gold from them and later discovers it is fake, they will lose their money entirely. The company should consider offering this guarantee as it will put their clients at ease knowing that they are protected in case of such instances.
    • Slow Loading: This company has a lot of information that is not always necessary for their clients. For example, the information about their products and services can be easily accessed on the internet. Still, when clients click to find out more details, they are redirected to another page which takes very long before they get to the place they wanted to visit. This increases loading time because so many unnecessary pages are loaded each time someone wants to access a page on their website.
    • No registration: AMark Precious Metals Review does not require registration to be able to use its website. This is a significant disadvantage as it makes it easy for scammers to take advantage of people online and steal their personal information and money.
    • No record of purchase: It is hard for customers to keep track of their orders because there is no log where they can log in and keep track of their orders. This means that if something goes wrong with their order, there will be no clear evidence for them to be able to present the company.
    • No physical location: The official website of AMark Precious Metals Review does not list their address. This makes it very difficult for people to be able to visit them and verify the claims they make on their website. Clients should always take their time to do adequate research before engaging with the company because other respected companies offer gold coins, bars, and rounds at a lower price.
    • No telephone number: This is another major disadvantage as it makes customer service hard to contact. It can be very frustrating for clients who experience issues with their orders, and there is no easy way of dealing with them. Clients in the same region where this company is based should take a trip to their offices to speak directly to their staff.

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