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The study of coins has been going on for thousands of years. There are still plenty of people who enjoy learning how the styles, mints, designs, issues, and compositions have changed over time. It’s also become an increasingly lucrative trade as more people learn about rarity, value, and trends in coin collecting around the world.

Coins, bullion, platinum, silver, and gold are all popular for their intrinsic value. They can be an investment in the future as well as a beautiful piece of artwork that adds beauty to any collection or room it is displayed in.

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    About Albuquerque Coins

    Albuquerque Coins

    The value of any coin is determined by its rarity, condition, and market demand. The rarity is determined by how many coins were minted from that year or series. If only 100 coins were minted from a certain year then it would be considered rare. The condition of the coin determines how much it is valued in the marketplace as well as its collectability.

    A coin with wear or damage would not be worth as much as one that was in pristine condition. Albuquerque Coins is a locally owned coin and precious metals dealer. They can help you find the right coin to fit your needs and budget.


    The store offers a variety of products including coins, bullion, and precious metals. Their selection of US and foreign coins includes the following: America’s first coin series, half dimes, quarters, dimes, nickels, half dollars, silver dollars, and gold coins.

    They also have a large selection of rare coins considered high-end or rarer than gold. These include Indian Head Pennies, Lincoln Cents, Mercury Dimes, Roosevelt Dimes, and Jefferson Nickels. They also sell numismatic collectibles such as World War II currency notes issued by the U.S., Germany, Japan, and Allied Military Currency from WWII to today. 

    There is also a large selection of precious metals including Gold American Eagles, Silver American Eagles, Gold Krugerrands, Silver Krugerrands, Fine Gold Bars, Fine Silver Bars, Platinum Bars, and Palladium Bars.

    Albuquerque Coins


    The coins are shipped with insurance and tracking details included so you can track them to your doorstep. The only thing you have to pay is the cost of shipping and handling charges which are usually around $20~$30 depending on how many coins are being shipped. If you live in the Albuquerque area, then you can have the coins delivered to your doorstep.

    The coins are hand-packed and shipped in a padded envelope to arrive safely and undamaged. You can expect to receive your package within 3-5 business days. Check the tracking number provided to see where the package is at any time.

    A free gift wrapping option is available to all customers. This adds a personalized touch to your purchase and makes it look more appealing. You can also receive a small gift with their purchase, and an estimated coin value for information purposes.


    They have an amazing variety of jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and watches. Each piece is made from high-quality materials that are durable and beautiful. The jewelry is available in many different styles, designs, and metals.

    There are rings with diamonds, precious stones such as rubies, crystals, and pearls. They also carry watches in amazing styles and colors. Some brands include Fossil, Guess, Michael Kors, Movado, Timex, and Tag Heuer.

    Quality Control

    They have a quality control team to ensure they are selling only authentic products. They use a variety of tools such as x-ray machines, magnifying glasses, and other tools to examine the authenticity of their products. They also use the United States Mint’s Authentication Services to check their coins for authenticity.

    Albuquerque Coins

    Numismatic Education

    They offer two ways to learn about numismatics. The first is by taking a class in their store. The class will teach you all about the history of coins and how to identify them. The second way is by taking one of their many online classes. These classes are free, and they cover different topics including United States coinage, American coinage, general coins of the world, and more.

    Final Verdict

    Precious metals are highly coveted and highly rewarded. Anyone interested in collecting or trading these precious metals will tell you they have far-reaching implications of value and worth. They can also be a very profitable investment if one is willing to understand their potential and find the best possible sources of supply. If you are interested in learning more about precious metals and how they can help build wealth, Albuquerque coins is the place to go.

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